is this a mongolian spot?

Shanice - posted on 12/26/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




my babies father is half islander black my daughter is white skin i was looking at her belly button and i noticed it being dark brownish purple


Julie - posted on 01/02/2011




Okay, this should answer ALL of your postings. Your child being biracial, her hair texture, skin color, markings etc...will continue to change for the next 5 years or so. There is no way to tell how dark/light she will be. Or if her hair will be curly or straight.
It seems you are WAY overly concerned about how she'll look.
Is she healthy? Happy? That's all that really matters.

If that discoloration is right on her belly button, it's still healing. Most mongolian spots look like bruises and are above the tailbone (although my son has one on his foot as well).

Not trying to be rude, but just enjoy your baby, and being a mom.

Jaime - posted on 01/01/2011




My 12 month old is half black and half white. He has a few Mongolian Spots, one on bum and just above his bum crack, on the top of both hands and inside his belly button is very dark. It might also be just pigmentation, like how some mixed kids are dark just below where the fingernails start, darker ears and genitals etc.

Karrie - posted on 12/30/2010




Hi! It probably is a mongolian spot. They mostly occur on the trunk of the body, for some reason.(but can be anywhere else) My godson, who is 75% black, 25%white, had them on his butt and on one of his hands when he was a baby. They can look like bruises and they should go away by the time your baby is a toddler.

Jennifer - posted on 12/28/2010




if it looks like a bruise it's probably a mongolian spot. my daughter is half white and half east indian and she has one at the top of her butt crack. i didn't even know she had it until the nurse at the hospital pointed it out to me. it will get a little bigger and then fade away over the next couple years or so.

Brittanie - posted on 12/28/2010




my son has a mongolian blue spot but his is near his back/butt looks like a bruise. he's half black and asian

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Katie - posted on 01/09/2011




My daughter was born with a mongolian spot on her lower back/butt. That's the most common spot for them. It looks like a bruise. My nephew who's now almost 3 has one on his lower back. The first few times I saw it, I thought he fell and bruised himself until I noticed that it didn't go away. :D

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