When did you find out your child had asthma?

Kristina - posted on 04/25/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




Was wondering when everyone found out their child has asthma. My daughter seems to always be sick with some kind of chest cold. Then I started noticing that when she runs around she gets short of breath fast and then starts coughing. She is going in to her pediatrition for a reference to a specialist soon.

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Liz - posted on 12/02/2011




I just did.

My daughter is 23 months old (was born at 28 weeks at 1lb 15oz). We've been giving her albuterol via a nebuliser at home ever since she wheezed with a cold virus last year. She ended up in the hospital on Wednesday night with breathing difficulties despite being nebulized and that's when we found out that she is asthmatic.

She's now taking 3 different medications, including a short course of oral steroids, a 'preventative' nebulised medication and the albuterol to try and control this current exacerbation.

I'm going to be doing a lot of reading on things to cut down on in the home because they might be triggers. Luckily we have no pets, nobody smokes, the floors are all hardwood and there is no damp or accumulation of dust. I just have to find out better, less toxic cleaning agents to use and I was going to do that anyway.

Shelly - posted on 09/02/2011




HI Kristina....It actually took us until Olivia was 2 or 2 1/2 before she was diag. Livi always had a cough of some sort...I would take her in and try and explain but It is always the same responds.... She has a virus, she has a chest cold. Then Olivia got croup...The Doctors/nurses would say it take a while to recover from that.

I continued to question WHY does she cough for hours at night and often until she vomits...That can't be normal. Oh Yes...Lots of children do that because they don't know how to cough it up or it's a bit thick. Here give her cough syrup to thin out the mucus.... It was ridiculous!!

A close friend of mine had a daughter a few years older then Liv, She had asthma and went down the same road as I was on. She finally convinced me to take Olivia to a specialist. FINALLY Olivia was put on meds to help her!!! :)

Best of Luck!!!

Christine - posted on 04/27/2011




mason was diagnosed at 7 mos with reactive airway disease and then 9 mos with asthma. now that we have it under control we are good to go but it is a constant battle and you definitely have to take special precautions when dealing with an asthma kid!

Constance - posted on 04/25/2011




My daughter was born with a rare birth defect CCA. It effects just about everything. But her lungs exspecially she gets alot of infections. I have a nubulizer at home and school, rescue inhalers in my purse, her classroom, my mom's, and a standing steriod perscription. It is scary to deal with exspecially when you just can't seem to get their lungs to open up. Even my daughter who is only six knows if she starts coughing it is time for her steriods (which she hates_) and a teatment. Spring is the worst because of all the bueatiful flowers. When I took her in to see her doctor about two monthes ago cause her asthma was acting up. He kinda laugh playfully of course and said gotta love spring pollun isn't it great. But one of the other issues that she has is getting broncitis and pnuemona ( sorry for my spelling) she has been hospitalized over fifteen times because of this problem. I am not trying to scare you my daughter is am extreme case. Just watch out for the signs.
These are a couple of precautions that I take to help the ai in my house is cleaner. I have a company come out once a month to clean the air ducts, furnace, and anything that pushes ai around in the house. Also I run the fan on my main unit 24 hours a day not the heat or ac just the fan it only aise my electric bill about 10 dollars month. I change the filter on the main unit every week. It does seem to help. But like I said my daughter has an extreme case so having someone come clean out the air vents eveymonth you probally would only do that once or twice a year.

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