Moms of Children with Cancer

A place for mothers of children with cancer to come together and find encouragement. It is a place for peace, support and understanding.


my child has rhabdomyosarcoma

My son is 3 and has Rhabdomyosarcoma. He is currently recieving chemo once a week. I was just wanting to connect with other moms with the same situation. We live in northeast...


Ewing's sarcoma

Hi Ladies, my step-daughter (16) was diagnosed with Ewing's sarcoma this week. We are getting ready for her first appointment with the oncologist. Any recommendations on what...



My son was diagnosed with Dissiminated Medulloblastoma at the age of 3. He went through 7 rounds of "kitchen sink" chemo as they like to call it, and one intense round of chemo....


Presley has ALL Leukemia

Follow our blog and I will follow you back! I like to read other journeys. It helps me cope and know what to expect.



My daughter was born with hepatoblastoma, a rare form of liver cancer. She has undergone two rounds of chemotherapy, followed by surgery to resect the tumor, and two more rounds...


I have a toddler who has cancer.

My son has Leukemia, and I am a single Mum. My son is at the age where he is also quite attached to me, and so it is very difficult to find time for myself, or so do something...


jmml relapse after 3 bmt

my son aged 12.9 had 3 bone marrow transplants he relapsed one month ago after 6 quiet years. he has also nf1. somebody have the same experience?