Mom's of Children with hydrocephalus

Hydrocephalus affects one in every 500 live births. An estimated 50% of all shunts fail within two years, requiring further surgery to replace the shunts. Although hydrocephalus was once known as "water on the brain," the "water" is actually cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) - a clear fluid that surrounds the brain and spinal cord.


x linked hydrocephalus

im a mom to two sons with this rare case of x linked hydrocephalus. I am looking to talk to other moms that have boys with the samething my oldest son is 10 years old and my...



im wondering if the people in this group, can share their stories about hydrocephalus. Where i live i feel as if iam the only on going thru this. Although you i knew meny...


2 month old with VP shunt

Hello our son just had a VP shunt put in on 5-11-15 and today is first day home he does not want to sleep he eats well and is not that fussy but he just won't go to sleep anyone...


X linked hydrocephalus

Hi I'm a mum of a 15yr old boy with x linked hydrocephalus and was wondering if there was anyone in this group who has a child with this condition I'm from Australia and my...


vp shunt

My son had his first vp shunt at 7 weeks and then a revision at the age of8 months which afterwards he had a seziure and was placed on a ventilator and later thst day had...


need some advice. ..

My baby is 5 weeks, when do they do the surgery. .. im very worried. .. I feel like the doctors aren't doing much for my baby. . I don't know what do.. I need some advice .....