Mom's of children with limb differences.

My daughter is 19 and was born with fibular hemimelia resulting in amputation of her left foot at 11 months and subsequent 7 other surgerys to the most resent this year to shorten her residual limb for better fitting prosthesis. I didn't know what to do or where to go 19 years ago, but throughout this journey, I've learned a few things. You, too, may have some lessons to share that will help me and others who have watched their children adapt to this diffence. I hope to hear from you.


Our sweet boy

I was just wondering if there was anyone out there who might have something similar. Our sweet boy was born without his left hand and both feet. They do not have a name for what...


Bilateral PFFD

My son is 4 months old and has Bilateral PFFD. Are there any moms out there that have a kid(s) with the same medical issue? I have some questions. Thank you.


Radial Dysplasia

Hi I'm new and wondered if there was anyone out there like us??? My 2 year old has both radius bones missing so his hands are at a right angle to his wrist...he also has shorter...


Fibular Hemimelia

Hi, My son Nat has fibular Hemimelia right side. He is missing his second toe the next two toes are co-joined. He has no ankle and except for the the toe rays all of his right...


Club hand

I am 27 weeks pregnant and doctors told us that the 4D ultrasound shows that my son has a club hand. I cannot stop crying! Please help me! Please!


Lucky Fin Project

I believe everybody is different. Some peoples differences are on the outside and easier to see then the differences others have on the inside. But EVERYBODY has got something...



My son is 4years old he was born with a condition called talapies otherwise known as club foot. He has had 3 operations, we have tried the ponseti method special shoes splints...