Moms Of Club Feet Children

Looking for moms of children with club feet! Just to talk, share stories, and complain lol


Getting through club feet

Being a mom of three children, having been born with club feet myself, and having 2 out of 3 of my children having club feet, just looking to chat! My youngest, who is 15 mos....


Recovery after Tendon Transfer

Hi! I live in kuwait. My daughter was born with bilateral club feet and underwent ponseti method when she was just 7 days old. she was doing excellent until she was 4 y. 9...


Club foot and toddler beds

I would like to hear advice and experiences from other moms with toddlers who have to wear the shoes and bar at night. We want to transition my almost 2-year old daughter into...


Club foot

Hi im sarah ,my son was born with club foot and is just about to start treatment . He's so small and this all seems so surreal and I'm finding it hard , Arthur is 15 months and...


Boots and Bars Sleeping Tips

Hello, My 3mth old is now on the boots and bar phase of her treatment. I was curious if anyone has tips or suggestions on keeping their baby asleep and comfortable during the...


The casts are coming to an end!

We got the nod from the doctor that she gets 1 more set of casts and then can wear a brace. She gets fitting for them the same day as the last cast. But im not sure it's what...



what are some signs that your child may be reverting back to having clubbed feet? my son is almost 4 and i always worry about his feet going back. wondered if any ones children...


Going through casts as a new mom

I just wish people would see how difficult it is to see your baby with casts on. Just recently they went from short casts to all the way to the hip. I cried the first day I...


where is everyone from?

just curious as to where everyone is from. i live in new jersey, and i was actually surprised as to how many people i meet that have had clubbed feet.


Potty training & bed time

Hi! New on Circle of moms and this group. My daughter was born with bilateral club feet, corrected with the Ponsetti method (casting and then into the boots). Shes almost 2 now...



Has anybody's baby on here had to have an operation where the Dr. took both the baby's feet apart and put them back together? My 17 month old son has to have it done July 7th...


Mom's of Club Feet Children

~I am the Aunt of 2 Club Feet Children and glad to have been invited to the group~ please keep me up to date, and I'd love to find out if anyone hasany suggestions for exercises...


nothing's working... help!!!!!!!

Hi everyone. my son was born with club feet. They used casts to correct the position, which worked great, and they did a minor surgery on his ankle to release the achilles...