Do you have a house rules conversation for your child when they are home for the holidays?

Yes 0% (0 votes)

no 100% (2 votes)

2 Total Votes

Do you go into a depression every year a child goes to college?

Yes 100% (5 votes)

Nope 0% (0 votes)

5 Total Votes

How does your Mizzou journalism student like the program?

Loves it! 0% (0 votes)

could take it our leave it 0% (0 votes)

0 Total Vote

Is Jamaica a good place to vacation for Spring Break 2011?

Yes 25% (2 votes)

No 75% (6 votes)

8 Total Votes

Does your daughter or son go to Pepperdine University? What do you think about the University?

My Daughter or son want to change schools 0% (0 votes)

My Daughter or Son is very happy 100% (2 votes)

They don't like the University 0% (0 votes)

They like the University 0% (0 votes)

2 Total Votes

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