Her Own Apartment................yikes !!!

Cynthia - posted on 06/02/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




Gees I just returned home from going with Bree to sign the lease on her first apartment...so many thoughts are running through my head right now. Out of neccessity she had to move to off site housing, dorms are full with incoming freshmen and there was a lottery of 700 rooms to 2200 upperclassmen left and needless to say she did not win a spot in the lottery and starts summer school on June 23rd and it actually works out to be about 2 grand cheaper per semester, so yea to that !! Needless to say, her dorm room experience was very interesting for both of us...lots of sleepless nights, lots of 90 mile an hours trips cutting a 2 hours drive to less than a hour and a half, many calls saying how she's gonna kill the bitch who took her food out of her frig.soon and so on........lol. But her own place ?? I have asked myself a million times, does she have to grow up ?? I mean it's in a good neighborhood, there are three police officers and one highway patrol officer that live in the complex one right directly across from Bree's apt and it's gated and all that but wow she's growing up on me and I cried I must admit as I watch her do her paperwork.....why is it so hard to let go once you get to the point that you can ????


Anne - posted on 06/03/2009




Oh Cynthia welcome to the club. Our daughters are 25 and 21 years old. Our 25 year old just graduated from College on May 23. Our youngest just got back from her Semester Abroad in Argentina and Peru. She was gone for 4 months. We live in MI and they live in NC and CA. Both girls girls left for college with in a 3 week time period. That was 3 years ago. in fact it will be 4 years ago in August. The one thing that helped me was that my husband(their dad) always treated them as though we were raising future adults. I do not mean we let them do ANY thing they Wanted to. But we expected them to follow the rules of our family. In turn we woould respect them and support their ideas. it may have been the disteance the kept it easier for me not to rush to them ( 4 days by car to CA, or 6 hours by plane and 3 hours by plane and 12 hours by car to NC)

Annother thing that has helped me , I would like to say I have remembered this all the time but I have had to relearn this advice a time or two in the last 3 and half years. Live life in the moment. A year ago at Thanksgiving both girls were able to be home and it was wonderful. Last year during the week we always go on vacaation as a family all four of us were together. What fun we had. At Christmas this past year we were able to celebrate Christmas together as a family at home.( we go to CO to be with my husbands family for Christmas every year. Because ofour oldest schedule it is the firlst time in 3 Christmases that she has been home in MI during the Holidays. Last week we were together for 4 days for our oldeat graduation. Have all of these great times happened in the same calendar year? No but it did not bmake them any less special.

I am sure that by the time your last child leaves home you will be ready for the next chapter in your life. Last night when my husband and I were alone watching t.v. we were commenting on how nice it was to just be the 2 of us again. Yes we miss our daughters. Yes it was hard to say bye to each of them when we needed to. But they are adults and we are very proud of their accomplishments as young women and we also know that God has a great life planned for them. I hope this helps.

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