Is it better for kids to stay home for their first year of college, or go away?


Mona - posted on 07/21/2009




I wanted him to stay home but decided that was wrong. So I gave him info on staying home and moving out. He decided to stay home his first year. I think that was wise. He's only 17 and although he is mature I'm glad he decided to stay home.
He did say he plans on moving out next fall. I think we will both be ready then. *smiles*

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Anita - posted on 07/21/2009




My experience with 2 boys in college is....I think they should get there associates at a junior college while staying at home and then once they are a bit older go away to continue to a bachelors. Unless they are very mature and are positive about their major then can go away right away. If they don't know what they want to do definitley stay home. Otherwise your gonna waist a lot of money.

Anne - posted on 07/21/2009




Tammy, my son, Bobby is now in his last semester at Quinnipiac University which is about 2 hours from home. Throughout high school, Bobby was pretty introverted and did not seem to have a lot of friends and he was overweight. Being only 2 hours away I felt was good for him as he is not that far that I could not be there fairly quickly. I also looked at him being away as a stepping stone for when he graduates and ends up with a job in which he can not live at home. Many years ago I was the same way but learned very quickly how to take care of myself as far as budgeting my time and money, social skills - not being too shy, and how to eat properly without Mom making all my meals.

Elizabeth - posted on 07/20/2009




I think it really depends on the personality of the child - some love it, some don't! My daughter went away just as I did when I started college and we both thrived (we have the same personality - lol) but I would be scared to put my youngest daughter in the same situation! What does your child want? Are they responsible now? If you can trust they can do ok on their own pretty much through high school then they should be just fine! It'll take some adjustments but they won't all of a sudden become a totally different kid just cause you aren't there every day!!

Kathy - posted on 07/20/2009




Tammy, my name is Kathy and my daughter went away her first year. She was a very mature young lady when she left, but she became a very self reliant person being on her own. I'm not going to tell you that it was easy for either one of us. Every weekend she was wanting to come home, but after the first year she was better and would come home once a month. She was only in Quincy Il. so the drive wasn't to bad for her.

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