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Moms of kids with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome or Fetal Alcohol Effect (or drug effected kids)


Contending with a brick wall!

Oh how I feel like I'm contending with a brick wall! Step mom to an 8 year old boy diagnosed FAS/Austism/ADHD. We add so much more to this mix of problems and I am so lost....


At my wits end!!!!

Hi guys. It has been awhile since I wrote. My 16 yr old daughter whom I adopted at age 7, is becoming unbearable. Just today her attitude was so bad, I told her if it didn't...


Help Raise Awareness

I am writing you regarding a disease called Charcot Marie Tooth (CMT). CMT is a genetic nerve disease that affects the main nervous system in the body. It starts at your feet...

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Thanks Sarah

Thank you for your response. She has been with this current councellor for 5 weeks. The problem we have with consequences is, that she makes life absolute hell for us whenever...



Hi everyone. I posted a few weeks ago regarding my 16 yr old adopted daughter. I have her in councelling once a week now. Instead of getting better she seems to be getting...



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constant disobedience

Anyone else dealing with a child that constantly disobeys you? (Yeah, I know, "haha", probably almost everyone here). What do you do to get your kids to do what you ask?


FASD kindergarten

I am stumped! What type of special needs class do I send my FASD child too for kindergarten? They have a mixed disability class, one for autism, cognitive delays, psychical...



hi, My oldest son was adopted at 10 months from Romania and is now 8 years old. After years of medical tests and evaluations to explain microcephaly, developmental delays,...


fas and autism

I was watching the doctors today and they were talking about autism. My oldest has been diagnosed with fasd and when the symptoms of autism were being described, a lot of them...


Clonidine and Agressive Behavior

I have a 7 y/o daughter who has been taking Clonidine for the last 2 months. We are finally getting sleep at our house. Unfortunately, she has become increasingly aggressive....


This rollercoaster is slowly killing me.

So glad I found this spot. I foster a sibling group of three. The middle child has been given a diagnosis of possible FAS. Without the verbal conversation with the mother the...


FAS and behavioral issues?

I have guardianship of a wonderful 21 year old with FAS and Dandy Walker syndrome. She is having some major behavioral difficulties, including elopement, aggression, SIB, and...


New parent of FASD Child

Hello, my name is rachel and i am the parent of a child with FASD. She was diagnosed 2 years ago while living with her grandparents. Despite the diagnosis, little information...