Moms of FAS/FAE kids

Moms of kids with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome or Fetal Alcohol Effect (or drug effected kids)


possible medications?

I dont know much about medications for children. My daughter is six going on seven and was diagnosed a few years ago with ARND. As she ages, I notice that it is getting more...


How to tell if a child has FAS or FAE

I have custody of my neice and I am pretty sure she has either FAS or FAE. How do I tell the difference. She is now 4 years old, and I am having issues with potty training her....


Behaviour Charts

Have you tried and was it successful using behaviour charts with your child? Did you create your own chart or find one out of a book or online? As I have twins (one that has...


new to group

hi folks! I am glad to find this group and hope for lots of info from those who have been dealing with this. My husband and I have guardianship of two grandchildren both of...



I felt so terrible when I was told my the doctor that my son had been diagnosed with Fetal Alcohol Effect at the age of 4. There are so many invisible behaviors that are linked...

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new here

hi everyone, I am so excited to find this group. My husband and I adopted a sibling group of three all diagnosed with fetal alcohol. We are struggling to find information out...



I am a single mother of a teenager that has been diagnosed with FAE since birth. This is not a disability that you can experiment with. We mothers that have children with...

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what are the facial and otherwise features to look for? is there a place to view?

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Strategies that work?

Hi, I am the adoptive mother of FAS twins. They were born at 26 weeks and one of that had 2 strokes as a baby. They are now 8 years old and doing wonderfully! My problem is that...


need help with destructive behavior

My adopted son Zander is 3 1/2 and has recently become much more physical with his behavior - especially towards me. He is hitting, kicking, biting, pulling hair, throwing...


Moms who have FASD

Hi, I'm waiting for a diagnosis for FASD. My mom socially drank while pregnant with me and I only found out at the age of 53 in January. I'm a part-time student taking the...


New to the group

Hi, I am Mom to 4 Children with FAS and have just found this group. I am pretty excited to have found it, there is not much support out there (at least where I live) for...


New And Wanted To Say Hello!

Hi, My name is Debbie. My son, Alexei, is eight years old and was diagnosed with FAS in 2007. He came to us when he was two months old through foster care. I found out I was...


New To Group/About Us

Hello all. i am a single mother of an adopted son of 5 years. He was born with FAS. He is finally starting to put on weight, and is getting taller. I am still trying to get...



Hi I am new to this group and although I do not have a child with FASD I am an active member in a group in Kingston that advocates awareness about FASD and for my part I make...


New Here

Hi. I'm Lynn. My foster daughter has FAE, diagnosed by her neurologist a few months ago - she's eleven months old. She was placed with my family at three days old. We knew her...


hey there

well, seems my boy is a lil older but we have been through everything with him. I am the stepmom and the dad is the biological dad, unfortunately he was working with the...