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April - posted on 01/27/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




So my seven year old has a very slight learning disability, he is in physical therapy, speech and OT. He has a suppressed immune system, he needs glasses and his right ear drum has been injured a bit from so many ear infections that he's had in the past. He cant eat all that well by mouth so we have him on tube feedings. He has had a heart transplant and ON TOP OF ALL OF THAT! he has ADHD and ODD..
I had a baby girl and she's not so much baby girl anymore but almost two. they just dont get along all that well. I'm looking into a family therapist because my son cant communicate his feelings all that well so we are (over statement) at war half the time. they get along like cats and dogs. He is hitting her and she is clawing at him every time she doesn't want him around. Im afraid she'll turn into a bully towards other kids. He's just not getting it that she is littler than him and I'm always running to her whenever I turn my back because she's crying. He looks at me and expects that its not his fault. He get's angry and growls and moans because she is crying and he thinks that he doesn't deserve a time out or get told right from wrong. I don't know what to do.

So questions his hearing effected all that much, we have taken tests before and they all come back with, "Well everything looks great! come back in a couple of months" is it ear wax? Should I ask the doctors to try a hearing aid just for a little while to see if it makes a difference? If so can they do that?

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Amanda - posted on 11/30/2009




if the hearing tests have come back ok and you feel there may be a loss there, get a second opinion. if it is wax or some type of blockage, your gp or the audiologist should have picked that up when your son has his hearing test. i have a 4 yr old with severe loss in one ear. she has a hearing aid. i often think that she cannot hear me as she seems to be ignoring me. i check her aid and its usually fine. then i realise that she is a stubborn 4 yr old, who can hear me, she's just choosing not to listen! from what you have said, your son had learning and communication difficulties and adhd. if his hearing tests have come back fine, an aid will make no difference to the problems you are having. i wish you and your family the best. i know how hard it can be when you have a child that;s giving you a bit of grief!

Daisha - posted on 08/14/2009




what kind of hearing tests have they done? At the end of last school year we found out that our 7 year old daughter has a slight hearing loss in both ears causing mis-pronunciation and reading/school problems. our pediatrician did a picture board hearing test which she passed 100% because she has adapted so well. We also had her tested by an audiologist with the "real" hearing test. Even though her loss is slight they have her in hearing aids now. You may want to get another opinion or ask for a different test.

Angela - posted on 01/27/2009




they will let you know if he needs a hearing aid even a small decrease and they will recommend one if your worried keep up your every 3 to 6 mo hearing screens all the therapy will really help

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