developmental delays?

Dawn - posted on 04/16/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




my son had metopic and saggital synostosis and had surgery at 3months and 6months. Now he is delayed and cant sit up on his own or talk. The Dr. says it will be ok and he will just catch up. Has anyone had this with your kid?

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Terrie - posted on 10/11/2012




I have a twelve year old son with that was diagnosed with Metopic cranio and has had four surgeries. He has been diagnosed with Autism and developmental delays. He has other issues going on as well. We were seeing one Dr. But switched to another because his head shape just never was right. He had no brow bones. or bridge over his nose. When we switched Drs this new Dr. Confirmed my questions and his eye moment was constricted due to no brow bones, plus he was suffering from headaches.

Yes, metopic children are more likely to have developmental delays as well as other children with other types of cranio that were diagnosed at a later age, though their issues may be a bit different. But metopic cranio causes pressure on the front of the brain which is where we carry out a lot of our functions. The key to helping your child is making sure those bones are fixed correctly and getting therapy for your child. It can even be done before age one. My son had we call Early Childhood Intervention ECI up till age three and then he went to school at age three. He still has sugnifficant delays, but he had a pretty bad case of cranio. He did not have surgery until seven months. The doctor that did his last surgery said that usually they will not do surgery until almost a year old unless there is pressure on the brain and Joel more than likely had pressure on the brain. All that to say that there is a connection.

Kate - posted on 09/18/2012




my twin sons both had metopic cranio and i was told for almost 2 years that their head shapes were fine and they would grow into shape as they got older they had there surgery at 21 months and yes they have a lot of delays and now i am being toldthat they have autism

i am trying to findut if these delays are caused by havig their surgery too late and weather it is down to the surgery.

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