Moms of Kids with Dandy Walker

This group is for parents of children with dandy walker malformation or anyone who wants to support them. This group is also for anyone who has dandy walker themselves. It is a way for moms (or dads) to be able to discuss, share progress, complain, or just to vent sometimes.


Dandy Walker Variant

Hi, I'm Kathryn, I have a son named Ken who was diagnosed having this DW variant at 6 months.I am very much new to this. Ken is my second born, I just wonder why he had this...


need advice

My son is 5month old with DW variant as well as a 6p deletion. He eats by g tube and is behind on milestones like head/trunk control and feeding by mouth. Any advice on how to...


1st time on here

I'm 19 i have 2kids my oldest is going to be 2yrs in june. My youngest is 3months. My youngest was born with dandy walker malformation and facial digital syndrom. I just really...


Why I started this community!

Hi our youngest, Evin was diagnosed with Dandy Walker when he turned 1 he is now 2. He means the world to us. He can't stand or walk yet but he sure has the army crawl down. His...



My son was just diagnosed with Dandy-Walker and he has Hydrocephalus anyone else have children that have both conditions



I have a son that is almost 11 months old and am feeling a bit dejected at the minute. i know i should be gateful for what i have but am finding it hard to see much improvement....


genetic testing

just wondering if anyone here has had genetic testing to see if DWS could reoccur in future pregnancies? Any info would be appreciated.