Mom's of Kids with Leukemia

For anyone whose kid has had or currently has leukemia


Your Story

Could everyone just leave a short message here, introducing themselves? Just info on when your child was diagnosed (at what age), how they're doing now etc. It'd be nice to...


Hello moms,

My name is Kelly from Baltimore Maryland. My husband and I discovered that our little girl Olivia 18 months had T cell ALL on October 24th 2013she was first diagnosed with...


I am new and need help!

My husband and I have a son that is 5. He has GHD, and seizures. About 3 weeks ago his nuro doctor did some blood work and it showed that his white blood cell count was very...


Newly diagnosed PreB ALL.

Hey moms - Our son was just diagnosed with PreB ALL - gene +. We are in week 2 of induction chemo. Just needed to reach out right now to others that understand where we are....


Family Effects

So I have to do a cause and effect essay in my English class and wanted to do the paper on Families with Leukemia. I know how our family has been effected. Can anyone else share...



my daughter has ALL and is 2 years old. She is in hersecond phase of consolidation. She is handeling it very well except for the bactrim. It gives her diarraha for 2 out of the...


vaccinations questions

My son, Lee had all his vaccinations by the age of 2, just before he was diagnosed with Leukemia. Because of the chemo, are his vaccinations no good and does he have to get them...



hi my name is chelsey we just found out my daughter karlie who is 4 has ALL this has baan very hard and if any one has any advice or could help me understand things alittle...



Wow, it's been a long time since I've posted! We are now in the maintenance phase. Paige is doing really well. Our appointments are really short now, except for the one's...



My 4 year old daughter Paige was diagnosed with pre b-cell ALL on September 29th. After months of seeking help because she was limping and complaining of pain in her legs, we...


advice for siblings

Hi everyone My son was diagnosed 2 years ago with ALL and I'm still thinking a lot about how to support my daughter (who is 18 months younger than him) through the treatment....



Have you found a resource that has helped you, your child and/or family through the Leukemia experience? Let's share with each other.