Moms of Late Talkers

Moms of late talking children, let's meet up here to share our joys, milestones and the challenges we're facing !


4yr old not asking questions like why

My 4 yr old started talking only at 3 yrs,he doesn't answer descriptive questions like how his day at school went or ask questions like why?also very active and won't sit down...


Speech therapy - yay or nay?

My 3 1/2 year old boy doesn't talk much unless he is copying little sayings from his favourite movies. You can't have a conversation with him, but he can count to 15 clearly...


Einstein Syndrome

Hi fellow moms of late talkers. Is anyone familar with the work of Thomas Sowell, specifically The Einstein Syndrome? I have a 3 yr old son that does not speak that I think...


Einstein Syndrome

Hello. I recently discovered Einstein Syndrome and it perfectly describes my daughter and also my husband, an engineer, and his brothers and parents when they were young....


My 27 month old son is a late talker.

My son is 27 months old, an only child & only has a vocabulary of 3 words: mom, dad & that. We've heard other words but only once or twice: car, truck, chair, no, bye....


My son is 28 months old and doesn't talk

Just wondering if I should be concerned that my son isn't talking... The only things he ever says are Momma, wow, and uh-oh... He doesn't appear to have any hearing problems,...


late talker

My son is 18months and only says "mama" he's very smart and has every good focus and is very social what's the deal?


My 22 month old daughter wont talk

my 22 month old daughter is not wanting to talk.. she can say momma and uh oh.. she babbles... she can sign for what she wants like eat,, and milk..(thanks to daycare) but i...


Do you have a blog?

My son is 3. He has severe speech and language delays. I blog about it. I cry about it. I feel so dang blessed that I have him, that it's hard to not cry sometimes. Do you...


22 months no words at all?

I was just wondering if any other moms had this problem. My son Clay is 22 months. Has no words at all. He screams, babbles, grunts laughs. Loves to play with his brother and...


Uses vowels only

My son is almost 3 and has been in speech therapy for the past year. He's picked some signs and actually can say up to 50 words now except that he only uses vowels.... so open...


Does Early Intervention really work?

My daughter is 28 months and although she has made some progress, she is very much behind in her speech. I wanted to know first, what do they do to check her hearing (i.e- is it...