Experience with Septic Ileus?

Jennifer - posted on 06/20/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son was born at 30 weeks last month. He had been doing great until this past Friday when we got a dreaded call from the doctor that he "wasn't feeling well". We rushed to the NICU where the doctor told us that he was having a lot more bradys and his belly was really swollen and he wasnt tolerating his feeds. He told us it looked like NEC and then told us he was flying him by helicopter to a better hospital with more specialists.
So we flew by helicopter and upon arrival he appeared to look a little better. His belly had went down some but then that morning his belly doubled in size in less than an hour. They had him ventilated and on 100% oxygen but his oxygen level was only in the 60s. They had him on 3 different antibiotics, did two blood transfusions and also gave him platelets. Basically he was crashing fast. The doctor said that basically he wouldnt make it, that it appeared probably his intestines were dead but they would do surgery to find out......the WORST news ever!!!!! Anyway, by the grace of God the dr rushed out about 10 minutes into the surgery and said none of his intestines were dead, they were all still pink but they were so swollen they had basically cut off his other organs. They put his intestines in what they call a Silo, which looks like a clear balloon which hangs over his belly....over time and as his intestines get smaller they fall back into his belly.

The bad thing is, they still dont know what caused this. All his blood tests for infection have came back normal and he is doing much better. The doctors have said they are diagnosing him with a Septic Ileus.....however I cannot find any information on this and am just curious if anyone else has ever heard of it?

We have a long road ahead, and not being able to find anything on this is hard because I would just like to know what other people have experienced in this situation?


Lydia - posted on 08/14/2012




My son was born with septic ileus. I was 17 years old when i had him back in 2003. He was 9 lbs 3 oz 21 3/4 long. The biggest baby in the ICU. I developed gallstones while pregnant and would experience severe pain, but they didnt find that out till about a month after i had him. Im not sure if my gallstones had anything to do with him being septic but i delivered him by csection and he swallowed a bit of poop. He couldnt eat or hold anything down. He was treated for 2 weeks and was on feeding tubes. His veins were hard to use so lucky his umbelical cord was still fresh and they had an iv through there. I had to becareful when holding him. Septic ileus has something to do with there biles in the stomach. After treatment they slowly started giving him milk only 2 cc at a time. It was very hard because he was fat and deprived of milk for the first 2 weeks he was born. It was so much that when we would feed him he would attack the nipple. like he never eaten before. Being home i would give him similac and it would make him severly constipated. That happen for agood year and then for the next 3 years he had bronchilitis where he would cough and.vomit daily. Im not sure if all that was because.he was septic as a baby but now he is 9 and super healthy and he eats everything. This boy is always hungry kind of like when he was a baby lol.


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Michelle - posted on 06/22/2012




I do not have any experience with Septic Ileus but I can not leave such a post with no response when I know how important it is to have support during this time! Just know that there are so many Moms and others sending their support to you just by you reaching out here. Hopefully someone will relate and offer you help and hope, but in the meantime, know you and your family are being thought of. Good luck :) Let us know how you and your little fighter are doing.

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