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preschool soon!

My daughter will be going to preschool soon and im very very excited for her! she starts in August! any other moms have soon to be preschoolers?


Daily fits from almost 4 year old

Hi moms, I need advice on how to deal with and ultimately stop my child's daily temper tantrums. My daughter is almost 4 years old & as of late she has fits daily...


Circumcised boy with an adhesion.

Please no judgement on circumcisions just a question for those who have a circumcised boy. My oldest's wasn't done right and had to have it redone. Needless to say I am freaking...


How do I deal with my defiant 4 1/2 year

My 4 1/2 year old son is usually very sweet, funny and helpful. But every so often he just gets really defiant and will do the total opposite of what we say. He will pull his...


Male Preschool Teacher?

Hello I have a male friend who is a preschool teacher. He is in his thirties and is single. He has been teaching since his early twenties. He is amaing at what he does and the...


4yr old wont stop whining!

Preface: if you dont agree with spanking, leave now. My son will be 4 in 4 months and for some reason he has started whining and crying every day!! he wakes up whining, he...


my kid not wanting to go to sleep

I have a 4 Yr old daughter that is the baby of the family. when its time to go to bed. she doesn't want anything on the floor . No animals on the bed. has to have lots if hugs...


Is this typical 4 year old behavior?

My son constantly argues with me. Not the type of typical arguing when he doesn't like being told "no." He argues with me about general knowledge. We will have a conversation...


Preschool Prep

What should my son(age 4 on April 7th) know by the time I put him in preschool this fall?


I don't know what to do? Any advice?

My two year old started pre-school about 3 months ago and she did great the first few weeks; but here lately she has been screaming and crying big ol tears and clings on to me...

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Is it wrong of me to feel this way?

I dont want this to sound like Im complaining at all but when our oldest son was 4 we sent him to preschool. We had to pay $500.00 for public school up front. It was 250.00 each...