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I am having a hard time getting my 3 year to stop using a pacifier. He is to where he only uses it at bedtime. But still. He asks for it constantly maybe because he sees his baby sister with it. Please Help!


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if hes only uesing it at bedtime your doing something right. Try explaining to him that its for babies. If that doesnt work then try the reward system. If you dont use your passy all day you and do________. It may work. I just took my sons away at bedtime and never gave it back. He would cry for a wile but eventally go to sleep. It wasnt easy and isnt goin to be but it will get the job done. Good Luck

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Depending on how old the baby sister is, maybe you can get rid of the pacifier for both of them at the sametime.

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This is a hard one, My son used his pacifier all the time, we finally got him out of it when he was 2 by buying him a teddy and saying instead of your pacifier, you can have bear in bed with you when you go to bed, we let him choose it, and he never went back (plus i threw them all out) hes 4 and still sleeps with the same bear, Hopefully the same thing will help :)

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