Experienced Perm Mum who just wants to say "hang in there"

Annabelle - posted on 04/16/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi everyone, firstly what a great site.
I have had 5 children, all Perms and have always had to leave them in hospital when I was discharged. My delivery dates range from 3 weeks, 6 weeks and my last 3 children at 28 weeks. I lost one of my twin girls (Gemma) 3 days after she was born and I still struggle with the joy of having Phoebe and the loss of Gemma. Sam, my last child, was also born at 28 weeks and I feel so blessed that we had our final miracle baby. My family is now complete.
I just wanted to say to everyone that have so many mixed feelings, from joy (everything went o.k), grief (it didn't), anger (my plans of a nice calm pregnancy and birth didn't happen), I could list them all, to just hang in there. You will get lots of advice on how you should be feeling but only you know what you feel. I still allow myself to have those bad days, when I hide under the dooner and don't answer the phone. But by allowing myself to have those down days, they go away more quickly and I can get on with enjoying my other children more. Take Care Annabelle


Amanda - posted on 04/19/2010




Hi Annabelle, I just what to say that I think that you are a very strong woman. My daughter was born at 29 weeks and spent 6 weeks in the hospital. I don't what to have anymore. I love her with everything I have, and the fact that my husband and I tryed to 4 yrs to get pregant, and at 22 weeks my water broke and I was in the hospital for 6 weeks. I don't know how u were able to go though it five times... your a very stong woman. I know this is going to sound mean, as I am a mother of a premmie, But I don't know how any one would want to have any more after going throught that I have been throught. I get so mad at mothers who complain about their 40 wker, and how bad their kid is... I get so mad at a prego woman that conplains that she isn't sleeping, I feel like saying, Try laying in a hospital bed for 6 weeks wondering if you at even going to have a baby to go home with. I know life isn't far and that someone must have thought that I was special enough to have this beautiful little angel in my life, But while I am waiting for her to start sitting on her own, and crawing, and walking and talking and playing with toys someone is taking for granted that there "bad" kid has been doing it for months.

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