Bed wetting?

Michele - posted on 11/09/2017 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 13 year old son still wets the bed at night. He hasn't hit puberty yet. I've been to Dr's they all say he will grow out of it. I feel so bad for my son. We limit sleepovers almost completely. He had a school trip 3 days overnight. We had to have a system for him to hide the evidence as I sat home praying that he would be ok and not embarrassed. He did ok but I was a nervous wreck. He's 13!!! This is crazy. I don't think Meds are the answer. I just wonder if anyone else feels my pain for my poor boy.


Leslie - posted 5 days ago




:-( So sorry...I do understand and feel your pain for your boy. Why don't you think meds are the answer? Do you limit fluids after 3pm? Have you seen a pediatric urologist or just your pediatrician? I would encourage you to see a specialist if you haven't already....

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