Hating High School

Jackie - posted on 11/26/2008 ( no moms have responded yet )




My daughter just started High School and she loves it, I hate it. We specifically bought our house for the school district and I am at my wits end. The year started off with the administration informing me that I must live in excess of 1.5 miles from the school in order to get a bus pass (we live exactly 1.5miles) In order for her cross with a crossing guard, she must walk the long way to school which is over 2 miles. I also have 2 smaller children at home and do before school care so this is a problem for me. Then, it was 92 degrees out, she wore a top her Grandmother sent her, the straps were only 1 finger wide not two and she was given detention. I was called and told my very modest daughter was inappropriately dressed for school (she even had me pin the front so no cleavage would show before leaving for school). She served the detention and then was called to the principals office for a pink slip because they said she did not serve the detention. After an investigation it was found out that yes she did serve it and the pink slip was retracted (might I ad at a school sponsored car wash a senior girl was out on the street holding a sign for the car wash in her sports bra but that was ok). Now, I get a call that my daughter was at lunch and a teacher whose daughter is in the school came into the lunch room and cursed my daughter and her friends out because this teachers daughter and the girls best friend had a fight. She called my daughter a B#%@*, and used other lovely words. The principal told me that there was nothing to worry about it was being handled administratively and it will never happen again. I asked for an apology and was told that they could not make anyone apologize! Anyone have words that will calm me down and keep me from pulling my daughter out of what is supposed to be the best school in our area?

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