How can I cure my daugher yeast infections?

Leslie - posted on 11/07/2011 ( 15 moms have responded )




It seems like the infecction doesn't want to go away..

She was using anti- fungus cream that it was prescribe by a doctor 2 weeks ago.. She used it for a week and she was fine after that.. But again today she start with the aching and burning again..What can i do?

I really appreciate any advice ..


Amber - posted on 11/09/2011




My daughter just go over hers. There's a new publication out about using Baking Soda now instead of vinegar because the vinegar throws off your PH balance. Ask your pediatrician for the print out so you measure it out right and are bathing her correctly. We put our daughter in the bath several times daily for 20 min at a time and it took a couple days to clear up.

Krystle - posted on 10/28/2014




Boyyyy I just had to make a whole account to reply to this Wendy Hubner chick. Who are you to say most run down, stressed out, antibiotics taking kids are most likely to get yeast infections. For someone that has never had a yeast infection YOU OR YOUR KIDS should not even be putting your two cents in or better yet giving anyone advice on something you never had!!! For your information you do not have to be run down, on antibiotics, or stressed out to get a yeast infection!!! You can do as little as wear a pair of non cotton under wear or wear a pair of tight pants one time to get a yeast infection!! People are coming on here to get advice & help not to be belittled. Because I can assure you one thing I came to this site for advice because my 3 yr old daughter has a yeast infection & I can assure you she's far from run down, stressed, or on any type of antibiotic!! So before you try to give advice on something you don't know about next time do some research so you don't come on a social website that everyone in the world can see and making yourself look/sound like a damn fool.

Wendy - posted on 11/08/2011




as stated above yogurt...i cant recomend it enough you can apply natural yogurt and have her eat one yogurt a day it should ballance out her system it has.(Active bacterial cultures) it. .Myself and both of my daughters never get yeast infections...yogurt every day......women and girls that are Run down, Stressed, on Antibiotics, Get yeast infections. Also stated above cotton underwhere that breath are the best. bubble baths are fun however at times can lead to infections also. i would get her back to the doctor as well as paying attention to these suggestions.....hope this helps


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Kelly - posted on 11/06/2014




I agree. There's nothing worse than a know it all, that's giving advice on the subject in which they have zero experience. The rest of her speech could have been googled. BTW. Expert mom, Wendy, they are called underwear... Not where.

Kari - posted on 11/28/2011




Does she get yeast infections often? Maybe you can make sure she is wiping front to back as this causes infections frequently with young girls. Also, if the cream doesn't work there in oral medicine that does! There is a pill called fluconazole. It cures the entire infection with one pill so get to the docs and let them know its not working and you want to try an oral medicine!

Bobbi - posted on 11/20/2011




Have you researched candida infection? Reducing processed sugar in her diet may help her body balance itself out too.

Traci - posted on 11/14/2011




Talk to your doctor about using apple cider vinegar tabs. Apple cider is strong so you would want to ensure it is a correct amount but, it seems at 11 yrs old using one should not be harmful. Taking a tab with yogurt or honey will ensure keeping her tummy from any side affects like burning. Apple cider has natural antibiotic properties.

You may also want to check your soaps and detergent if they have any dyes it could be a culprit. I developed an allergy at 13 that did not show up at any time before that age to soaps caused me hives and yeast infections. My mother stoped using them and I slowly stopped having the issues.

♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 11/10/2011




Yogurt daily (helps with more than yeast infections) Check the ingredients on personal hygiene products, from your soap/bubble bath/shampoo to any 'freshness" wipes you may use. If she's menstruating, check the ingredients on the pads/tampons. I developed a horrible allergy to the Always products, which caused yeast infections. Once I stopped using any perfumed, plasticy products, (I went back to regular old Kotex brand) I haven't had one in over 15 years.

Also, you may think you covered this in potty training, but it's always best to go over it again...wipe front to back! A lot of girls don't know that any foreign matter in that area, whether it be fecal matter, tissue, lotions, soaps or whatever, will cause infection.

What a miserable thing to experience at 11 years old! Give her hugs from me :-)

Dian - posted on 11/09/2011




have her eat yogurt everyday Astro Original is amazing and works really well Cotton undergarments

Jamie - posted on 11/09/2011




Check your bath products (soap, bubble bath, etc) for an ingredient called "glycerin". It's very common in bubble bath and a great many other products. It is generally known as safe and, in and of itself it's not harmful, but is known for causing irritation in some women (and children).

Melanee - posted on 11/08/2011




When I was young like around 4 and 5 I was getting yeast infection after yeast infection, my Dr told my mom to fill the tub with about 2 inches of water and put vinger in it, the vinager is suppose to neutralize it I guess, it seemed to help me. not sure how much vinager I think a 1/2 cup

Aniesha - posted on 11/08/2011




My son had a yeast infection as a baby & I took him to a homeopath and she gave him some drops. They cleared it up really good. She also gave him a powder to help balance out the good/bad bacteria or something like that. Maybe keep her off wheat for awhile too? I get yeast infections in my throat, and going off wheat for a week or so does me wonders. Of course there's the good old Canesten, and you can get the tablets to go with it now too, they work good for me.

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