looking for ideas on scheduling computer, TV, chores, homework

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I have two boys 13 and 15. One computer. Need ideas about scheduling 1 hour each on computer for homework, 1 hour TV, chores, homework. I cancelled their cell phones so I don't have to deal with late night texting. I know I can work it out on my own, but looking for great ideas that have worked for others. Of course they are "free" on the weekends, until 5:00pm Sunday night. Thanks!!!


Natalie - posted on 08/16/2010




We are going to give our daughter her on log on and you can set the computer to shut off after what ever time limit you give. We will sign her in with our log in if she has homework to be done on the computer. Also, last year she had to bring us her cell phone at 9:30-10:00 and it was left in our room till the next morning.

Maria - posted on 08/16/2010




Oi, I feel for you, Jana! Although my boys are now 17&18, I went through the same phase with the boys with cell phones, although not so much with the computer. My now 18-yr old used to hog the computer, since he's more tech savvy than his brother. But I digress, they were both on whiteboard for homework schedule! Lol... No use of cell phones unless it's an emergency (they were on family talk, so I monitor talk/text time). Computer is not for chat, only for research and homework, no games. Computer games are separate and only after their homework is done and I've gone through them. Two hours on computer, unless they need more time. I let one use the desktop, and the other use my laptop, this way I can browse through what they were on. I have my ways. Lol...Weekends, they're fine, but they usually are out playing in the ballpark. Now that my youngest son plays baseball, he uses his cell phone to text me to pick him up. Text messages are included in our plan, but if he's over the limit, he knows he has to call me. Then I'd know! :)

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Nelly - posted on 11/01/2010




we alternate days if you want to go on the computer then you give up tv time. Homework doen't count it's always a priority

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