My daughter is out of control.

Kathy - posted 3 days ago ( 2 moms have responded )




I am a very strict Christian woman that lived at home until I got married. I have an 18 year old daughter that is staying out past curfew and drinking. She know that as long as she lives under our roof, she is expected to obey our rules. I really don't want to kick her out. I am currently spanking her with a switch or strap, but the spankings no longer seem effective. They adjust her attitude, just not enough. Does anyone have any ideas on how to better control her? We only use corporal punishment. That's how I was raised and I believe it is the most effective method.


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Michelle - posted 3 days ago




Like I commented in your other post, assaulting an adult will only lead to trouble. She can have you charged.
If you are having to use corporal punishment then it obviously doesn't work!!!! You have adults in your house and they don't know how to follow the rules.

Janet - posted 3 days ago




Wow I remember the days when I was going through my kids teenage years (especially 18). I thanked God for giving me boys for it was bad enough, but not like girls. And you are right at that age a switch or a strap did nothing to change them, it only gave them a worse attitude. I found that talking with them as the adults they were soon becoming was better for changing their attitudes. Of course if things got really bad then we had to resort to taking things away, like their car, or television time, or having friends over, or going to friends’ homes (their friends had a lot to do with what they were dealing with).
But today I am very proud of the adults my sons are, they seem to be very caring and thoughtful and have a great love for their God, Family and Country…what more could a mom ask for right?
18 is tough to get through with your kids and I was praying to God for guidance all the time, but decided early on the most important thing was to show them Jesus in all things I said and did with them and I believe they are now trying to do the same thing.

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