My teen daughter is a picky eater and is overweight, how I can get her to eat healthier?


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Wow that's a tough one. First of all, I would suggest changing what is stocked at home. Eliminate the basic bad stuff like soda, chips, etc. If it isn't accessible, then she won't eat it as often. Exercise is also going to help her and I have a daughter that very much dislikes to move (so I understand your predicament). She is not necessarily too overweight but her eating habits are poor. How she eats is also important (6 small meals versus several large meals). I would encourage finding the few good things she *does* like and working with those things then expanding. For example, if she really likes strawberries - see if you can make strawberry smoothies and cut up strawberries for a snack, etc. Get her involved! My daughter loves to "create" her own things including food creations.

I spend a lot of time explaining how the body metabolizes food and how different foods are used (example, proteins to build muscle, more muscle helps burn more fat, etc). If she is not interested in these things, perhaps you can find someone whom she *will* listen to to speak to her. As for foods, there are many small changes you can make in your cooking that will lead her to a healthier diet that she might not even notice!

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I think Julie's advice was especially helpful- start with healthier foods she DOES like and go on from there.

Just understand that you cannot MAKE her change. It has to come from inside her.

You can encourage her and support her, but negativity often leads to private binging.

Often times I encourage parents to really praise up the behaviors they want to make permanent (such as eating the strawberries, finding a physical activity that they like doing) and totally ignore the negative behaviors. And remember that kids do what they SEE US do, not what we TELL them to do. You are one of her role models, so show her how it's done by example.

Also, we should all be eating everything in moderation. Chocolate, chips, etc when fobidden become the thing one craves the most.

I teach nutrition and one of my favorite foods is CHOCOLATE!

Do I eat it everyday? No.

But when I do eat chocolate I get my favorite- Dove milk chocolate, and it comes in this little small foil wrapped bite size piece, and I make sure to savor every bit of my chocolate eating experience- I enjoy the aroma of it as I unwrap it, I make it last about 5 bites and I savor it thoroughly. Mmmmmm. Chocolate Silk! And that is enough for me.

I would encourage you to visit and use the free tools there to get more info on balancing the foods we eat.

I think it is important for a person to start where they are and make small improvements. That is the only way to facilitate true behavior change.

Also, people are more likely to change for emotional reasons than logical ones.

I changed my behavior regarding activity because I did not want to go on my anniversary trip and FEEL lethargic and out of breath. Let me explain:

In addition to teaching nutrition/cooking skills 40 hours a week I am also working towar my degree as a student online and often come home and study while eating and then go to bed.

I have really been struggling to find time to go for a walk. I enjoy walking more than any other physical activity, but my schedule is SO BUSY that I didn't know where to fit it in. And I logically KNOW that being physically active will help protect me from high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and some cancers, but getting out there and doing it has been a real stressful monkey on my back!

But my DH and I are celebrating 20 years of marriage this year with a trip to Disney World in Sept. and I knew that I had lost my stamina for running all over and would probably not have a very good time all stressed out and out of breath and out of shape! It made me sad to think that at my young age (not 40 yet!) I might not be able to enjoy some special moments with my husband because I had let the stressors in my life get the best of me. I had to take a real hard look at myself and decide what I truly wanted, and carve out a little time for the sake of my sanity, my health, and my family's future (not to mention FUN!).

I did not want to wait until my summer semester ended because that would make going to school my "excuse" not to walk. So I now get up at 5:30 a.m. and walk to the mailbox and back (that's 1.2 miles out here in the country!) When I started I was walking slowly and it took about 25 minutes. After 2.5 weeks I am power walking and it takes only 20 minutes. Logically I knew that this would increase my energy level, lower my stress, and give me a more positive outlook, but physically experiencing it has been amazing! Now I am looking forward to 8/14 when the summer semester ends and I can ramp up my walking because I will have more time for it. Walking 1.2 miles isn't that much, and I know I need more, but it is what I CAN do right now.

I know that I will feel even better physically, mentally and spiritually for it.

By the time September comes I'll be more than ready for the fun, and who knows, I may have dropeed a few pounds and feel better in my own clothes(a fringe benefit, no doubt).

If you can focus on the positives and tap into your daughter's feelings as a catalyst for change, and focus on what you CAN control (how much activity, eating more fruits/veggies) then the other things (weight loss, clothing sizes) will fall into place.

If healthy behaviors are dependent on specific outcomes (losing 5 lbs, etc) then we can easily become discouraged if we don't achieve those outcomes right away. But if we tell ourselves that we are doing "X" behavior because we are committed to feeling better about ourselves, then we are on the path to better health for life!

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Hi, how much overweight is she? How many lbs or kilos does she need to lose? Picky eaters usually rely heavily on snacks, tidbits .. they just seem hungry all the time, and hungry for the wrong things!

My 12 yr old daughter used ot be very picky with her food, wont take any of the healthy foods i prepare, and instead binges on chips, sugary drinks and sweets, which I think also affected her moods.

But when I started our family on Reliv shakes, her included, her cravings have reduced and are easier to manage. Her taste buds must have changed because she doesnt seem to complain too much about our healthier meals, inf act, holds broccolli and cauliflower among her favorites!

I on the other hand, was looking to lose some weight. When we're in our 40's ,the metabolism slows down and it seems easier to put on weight. Well, I will vouch for Reliv's combination of: Classic, LEmon Innergize, and Fibrestore, all mixed into 1 shake, which I drank 2X each day. I have lost some 6 kilos, slowly but surely and safely.I also have a sweet tooth, but that has been greatly reduced! I used to give up a whole meal, just so I can have lots of dessert! I guess, when oyu give oyur body proper balanced nutrition, like Reliv, it won't look for anything else, because it's satisfied? Therefore the cravings stop?

But the most significant thing is that my whole family hardly ever get sick. If somebody's coming down with a cold, cough or flu, I just give them an extra shake or two to drink, and they're fine and dandy the next day!

We've been taking Reliv for 5 yrs now, and it has turned into a home-based business for me! It's a win-win situation!

Let me know if I can be of further help. My email is:, and I'm also on Skype and Yahoo Msg, aside from Facebook.Don't despair ... there's still hope in these cans! from Maitet Sun

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I am a mom of five daughters age 19 through 30 and have watched all of them go through their thick and thin stages. We have found that our best option was to provide excellent nutrition through supplementation (which even led us to a business that we have earned a living with for the past 12 years. Never thought that I would do network marketing but when the product is that good...what are you going to do? My website is, if you are interested in that. ) Supplementation can help control symptoms but will not cure disorders.

Another thought is that the condition known as PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrom) can cause glycemic problems and weight gain, beginning at or near puberty. Two of my girls have this and one has had weight issues because of it since she was 10 and started her cycles. The other had acne symptoms but not weight. There is treatment for that if it proves to be a cause.

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