What kind of snacks are given at a 13 year old birthday party?

Mary - posted on 02/24/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




My son turns 13 in March and we are having a birthday party for him, but I don't know what kind of snacks a teenagers like. So far I am having pretzels sticks dip in chocolate, popcorn balls, cake pops. I would like more of a variety of snacks. What do you all suggest?


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Emily Rachel Nicole - posted on 03/31/2014




im thirteen and im going to have my party on the 11th of April some of the snacks im doing are chips such as pringels a bowl of kiddy mix of just a verity of candy and any junk you can think of that your son might like i mean it a birthday and hes finally a teen! :)

Gabrielle - posted on 03/30/2012




DEFINITELY have Pizza Rolls! I can never have enough of those around for my teenagers and their friends.

User - posted on 02/24/2012




Unfortunately teen boys, more so than girls, are not usually health conscious. They will probably want sweet and salty.

Depending on what you want the party to be like, you can also try to offer some less sugary and salty treats. Provide flavored water instead of soda. Use baked chips instead of the old-fashion fried type. Stuff like that.

I think by 13, you dont have to worry about decorating your treats to make them look cute. 13 yr old boys are starting to want to show they are not babies anymore. So simple and plain might be better.

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