Help - how do we get out daughter to finish reading a book for her book report?

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My daughter's teacher is requiring 2 book reports a month. In my opinion, this is a great idea. The down side is getting her to finish 2 books. She jumps from one chapter book to another. Between her and her sister's books, they have over 300 chapter books. Her sister is an avid reader and will read for hours if she has time.

To our surprise, we found out at the parent/teacher conference that she reads at a 4th grade reading level in comprehension, fluency, and word recognition. We were surprised because she is so high energy at home that she doesn't sit still long enough to read. I fought with her over the last 2 weeks to finish a book so that she would be able to do one of her book reports. She did finish it and she did a pretty good job with it but she still has 1 more due February 1st. Her school is very focused on reading and other academics - that's why we chose this school. She does very well but tends to be all over the place.

She likes the American Girl series, Fairy Chronicles, and books like this but still stops every 10 min. and has to give us a run down of how much she's read. I just wish she would buckle down and finish a couple chapters so that she can get these books reports completed. Any suggestions on getting her to focus?


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Has she been turning the reports in late? As long as she is getting them turned in, I don't see why it matters whether she reads a few chapters at a time, of just a page or two at a time--some kids (including me) simply don't enjoy sitting to read for extended times. I tend to carry a book with me all day and read a page or two at a time, rather than settling into a comfy chair for a few hours of reading like my sister does.

Also, unlike my sister who reads the whole book, then writes the report; I prefer to take notes along the way and just pull the notes together into the report at the end. Once I'd read the whole book, getting it all into the report seemed daunting. If you are worried about not having enough time to write the report once she finishes the book, try letting her make notes as she reads. This can also be a great way to let her give you the updates she enjoys while being productive as well.

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