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Nichole - posted on 05/12/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




Help! My son will be starting kindergarten at the school where I teach next year. I am lucky to get the option of picking his kindergarten teacher, but I am finding this very difficult. I have too many good choices. It is a very strong team. I feel awkward, because although this is a common practice at our school, I don't want colleagues to think I've chosen one over the other as a commentary on their teaching ability.
I am narrowed down to three choices:
1. My first choice: A teacher I've worked with in the past (I work in a specialist/support capacity). She was always very prompt with communications, and seems to have a soft-spoken approach. I am always impressed with what her students know once they go on to first grade.
2. Her partner, who is often chosen by administrators and other teachers. She always asks about my son (I know her from outside of school), and is also amazing with curriculum. I don't know why she wasn't my first choice--I think her management style is definitely under control, but maybe a bit freer than I think my son's personality will do well in. He will be a very young five. Also, I am in and out of her classroom quite a bit, and I'm afraid the "seeing mom but not being able to go with her" factor might create some drama with my son, being new to school.
3. A less experienced teacher. This will be her second year in kinder. We work together very well, and I love her personality with the kids. She's got excellent management, and is working hard to stay at the top of her game because she's new. We also get along great. My only concern is that she does not have the experience that the other two have.
Not being teachers, my husband and friends don't feel they can give me much advice here, but this is driving me crazy! If you have ever been in this situation, what criteria do you use in choosing a teacher? I would be so appreciative of any responses, because final decisions must be made next week. Thank you!

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Thonia - posted on 07/17/2012




My suggestion to you is just have the principal put him in a class--just as he would do any other student. You are soo right when saying it makes the other teachers feel inferior/ not "good enough". This is something that got out of hand in my school. Teachers and parents from the community began making request. Classroom began looking like the haves and the have nots. It sounds to me that you are blessed in that all three are strong and hopefully they work as a team so your child will be successful in any of the class rooms.

Tawana - posted on 06/09/2012




I would choose choice number 1. You dont want to mess up a friendship with teacher #2. #3 maybe to eager to please and let your son slide with some things. Thats why I would choose #1.

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