How much does the school control teachers?

Karen - posted on 05/09/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




I'm going to homeschool my children next school year. The teacher is great , but my children missed a lot of valuable things in K. My oldest son went to K 2 times. They always sat w/him the 1st year. The 2nd yr. (I had gotten him to be indapendent in schoolwork )but they refused to loosen the ropes. They also coddled him in 1st grade and are doing so with my other son also. They want to evaluate them both for a learning dissabilitly. My younger son has a teacher that told me she has trouble understanding him. I've told her I was working on helping him be indapendent during homework. She liked that, and told me she would try too, and to let her know when he was doing it all by himself. But when I gave her the green light, she continued to coddle him. Now both are scared to do things i know, and have seen them do, w/o someone walking them through it. My older son's teacher really understands my son in ways I couldn't believe. I've seen her working with him (open houses and stuff). I feel really good about her, and for most of the year she agreed that he was learning fine. Then 3/4 way through the yr. she was siding with the school during the i.e.p meeting. The school is very small and several parents in the area are complaining how it has gone down hill the past few yrs. Their kids are getting loads of homework that isn't necessary, being told they need evaluations, having problems with parent/teacher communications and ect. It's score is a 3 compared to other local schools wich are no lower than a 6 based on the children's PSSA's. For example, their reading homework is a textbook for reading (20 pages with at least 5 sentences per page), they get a booklet (4 pages long w/ 3-4 sentences per page), 3 little books (15 pages w/3sentences per pg.)wich I feel is not that far behind, a math worksheet, and spelling. They insist they have a developmental reading assesment of a level 4. they want them to be at level 1 (wich to me sounds like they want them reading chapter books). What's your opinon? Is it the school making the teachers push evaluations? Is the school picking on us because we're low income compared to some of the other families in the area? I have a meeting next week where I plan on discussing my reasons and would like to know a little about this topic. I don't want to offend anyone at the school either.

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