Mom's that knit or crochet

I just took up knitting and crocheting and I find that both relax me when I make time to do so.



I just wanted to say hi! My name is Jamie I am a SAHM to DD (almost 6) I'm going on 2 years of crocheting, I've only been "really into it" for about a year. I love making hats...


Yarn Bombing!

Hey Ladies, I am just wondering how many women have taken up the exhilarating task of "Yarn Bombing" your scraps? Or would consider? I have been knitting and crocheting for a...



Since Christmas is coming soon what are you doing for Christmas? Any hand made things or just buying things?



PRAYER ALERT!!!!! PLEASE PRAY FOR BABY ELLIANA! She has very serious brain malformations. They are worried about severe developmental and motor skill delays, as well as...


Great Womens Site!

Looking for a womens site about you? We're a great site of supportive women/moms who would love to have you stop by!! Come check us out at Women With A Twist....


Hey, I'm new to crocheting.

Hey, I just started crocheting, not to long ago and I'm having a lot of trouble doing some of the simple things. I would really like to lean, my husband showed my some but my...


A very odd question...

I haven't been knitting for very long but I have noticed something odd when ever I do knit. I have both the aluminum needles & plastic ones. The aluminum ones already have the...


Any moms live in NJ?

I live near Cherry Hill (south Jersey). Any moms want to get together sometime and knit or crochet? We can meet at a park or cafe or something. Let me know. Thanks


Trying to find the time?

I have been trying to find the time to get back at projects that I started while pregnant on my las child and there just never seems to be enough hours in the day!


teaching my daughter to crochet

i am right handed, my 6 yr old daughter is a lefty. she would really love to learn, but i am having trouble showing her, it gets very frustruating. i know no leftys who can...



finally i have finished my daughters blanket that i started 2 yrs ago, she is so please and sleeps with it every night that it has taken me 4 weekends to be able to do the...



I need free pattern sites it seems alot arent here anymore any suggestions? Thanks!


new knitter needs help

I'm an advanced crocheter and I decided to try my hand at knitting but I am just doing something wrong that I can't figure out for some reason. When trying the stockinette...