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I am 29 my husband is 35 I have two great kids from my first marriage but want to have another baby with my new husband who has no children of his own. We have been trying...


what the??

okay, so i am 4 days late and i FEEL pregnant, (sore nipples, backaches, moody) but i have taken 2 tests (one 1 day late and one 3 days late) and they bith came up negative... i...


ttc number 2

I have a lovely two year old girl but when I concieved number 2 I lost it early on.We have been trying for 18 months now and have just discovered I am 7 weeks pregnant after...


TTC baby #2

My name is Nitrika and DH and I have been TTC ever since we had our daughter 3 1/2 years ago. He has a variocele, we've done rounds of IUI and clomid. I'm not sure what else we...


ttc late in cycle

my husband and i had unprotected sex on july 23rd. i was due for my period july 30th and it never came. i had my normal symptoms like my period was going to come on time but...