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Amanda - posted on 02/25/2009 ( 28 moms have responded )




I need to find some kind of work that is legit and that doesn't require me to pay to start working. It would be great if someone would tell me about something that you have experienced firsthand.

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Linda - posted on 02/02/2013




Hi Amanda,

I am a very new Independent Designer! I had been searching for work at home jobs on and off again for years!!! The only ones I have known to be legitimate are Avon/Mary Kay.....Selling make up is not for me though! Anyways, I finally came across As you can see, the product is sooooo cute and sells itself......:) I love the product!!! If you decided to JOIN, there is a waiting list......(but it won't cost you anything to be put on the waiting list).......I had to wait about 2 - 3 weeks is all.....during your waiting can get prepared, gather more inforamation, etc...etc....once you are "invited" from the list, is then when you do have to pay $150 for your kit......I didn't like the idea of paying $ either..but with this company I didn't mind.....LOL Anyways, just click here and if you want to be put on the list....use my designer ID # of 14023 I hope this helps you!!!! Linda

Mendi - posted on 01/23/2013




BBB approved opportunity. Staying home and loving it. No risk, selling, pyramids, or MLM.

Caroline - posted on 06/10/2012




I am looking for 5 motivated, purpose driven people this month who I can train to build an International business like I have from home.
I am with an 18 year old global home-based business in the exploding industry which has over 1 million associates & growing, 70 patents, easy duplicable system in 20 countries including USA, no deliveries, work around your own families commitments, full training, travel holiday incentives to be won, a rewarding business that makes a difference in other people's lives.... As well as your own.
I have been on 6 x trips to USA & visited Disneyland, also holiday at huge resort in Cancun in Mexico & climbed the ancient Myan pyramids and went to Beijing to climb The Great Wall of China which I never thought was possible! I live in Australia. I began this business 14 yrs ago when my disabled daughter was 2 yrs old and had no money.

Sandra - posted on 05/31/2012




Hi! My name is Sandra, and I'm a stay at home mom of 4 beautiful boys!!

I've been working in the Avon business for about one year, and I really enjoy it!

Now, if you or you know of anybody who would be interested in selling Avon, please refer them to me or let me know if you're interested so I can give you more information and my link to sign-up for only $10!! And for every successful sign-up, you earn a 10% discount of your order of $50 or more!! Isn't that a great deal!!!
Do NOT miss this great opportunity, and best of all, you can do it from home!!!

Sandra Argil
Independent Avon Sales Representative

[deleted account]



*If the links aren't "clickable", simply copy & paste :)

Also, click on the very bottom link to print your card out for YOUR PERSONAL SAVINGS on your Prescriptions! Click the link at the bottom...print out the Rx Discount card to save anywhere between 10-75% on your Rx's. It works for BOTH the people that have insurance and for those who don't. It helps just about everybody out there with their prescriptions! Once your information is on file at a pharmacy, the card info is automatically kept on file and re-submitted with any refills that you do. (So you don't have to keep showing them the card...just submit it one time.). The only time to submit the card again would be if you switch pharmacies or have more than one pharmacy. Share with family/friends so they can save as well. If you give me your address ... I would be glad to mail up a laminated card to keep in your wallet. Here is the link to print out the card .... :)

If you would like to earn some cash by signing up (free) and giving out Rx Discout cards as well (just print them out on cardstock)... view the video at this link to learn how: VIEW VIDEO:


Either way....don't forget to print out and submit your card for YOUR savings using the link below!
Send me your address if you would like a laminated card for your wallet ;)

Michelle - posted on 04/23/2012




If you are interested in a legitimate, stress-free, work at home job I have GOOD NEWS for YOU ! Get paid daily through Paypal for pasting job ads on websites like craigslist and Facebook.My sister and I have already made money and we have only been in it a couple of weeks. Nothing to buy, no hidden fees.

Here is the link:

I also sell Avon as an Independent Sales Rep. "I Believe", take charge of your life and become a representative:

Ashley - posted on 04/07/2012




It Works! Skinny wraps are a huge hit! Everyone is loving them and they are producing some amazing results! They help to tone, tighten, and firm the skin, and a fun side effect is inch loss.Results are seen in as little as 45 minutes, with maximum results seen after 3days. It is not water weight that you lose, so the results are long lasting,usually about 2-6 months. The wraps work each time they are used, and the moreyou wrap, the more results you will see. Wraps can be applied to any area of the body you want to see results on- tummy,back, arms, legs, neck, chin, breasts, or butt. We even have a specific facialwrap designed to soften fine lines and wrinkles, and give you a mini facelift for a more youthful appearance! You can get a box of 4 for $99 as a retail customer. You can also get a box of 4 wraps for $59 as a loyal customer and receive distributor pricing on every product we have. Let me know if you want more info on this.Let me know if you have any questions or if there is anything I can help you with!! ~ Ashley (919) 637-5028

PS. If you are looking for extra income, it's only $99 to become a distributorright now. That comes with 4 wraps to get you started. We also have a RubyGuarantee going on right now where you can earn a guaranteed $599 in your first month. Let me know if you want more details on this. :)

Mary - posted on 04/02/2012




Guaranteed $1000 earnings this month when you qualify.

Must be 18-years old by months end.

NO selling.

NO inventory

NO deliveries

NO collections

Billion $$$ company looking for motivated people; people who have goals; people who have dreams.

Great for moms, dads, students, military, retirees (even goal to retire)

Request details at:

Heather - posted on 04/02/2012




Are you tired of the normal 9-5 hustle? Are you tired of working long hours and not making ends meet and/or not having any extra money to reward yourself for the hard work you have done? If you answered yes, I have an excellent opportunity for you! It’s simple and will reward you for the effort you put into it! The only tools you need are a Firefox Web Browser, A good internet connection and obviously a computer! There is no risk, no package to buy that says how to get rich quick, no commitment if you decide it’s not something you want to do. You can earn anywhere from $20.00 - $200.00+ per day. There is a short video that will explain everything in detail on how to get started (which is totally free). Join the thousands of people who have changed their lives with this opportunity!

Give it a try, you will be glad you did!

Please visit


Heather Lass – “Guiding others to a path of freedom each day!”

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to send them via email to me at

Darci' D. - posted on 04/02/2012




Hi Adrianna,

Thanks, but I do NOT agree with you, First of all, I do NOT hunt people down, people love the products, and as far as the pay you get $32.00 per customer order, and you can get paid weekly, as well as on the 15th of every month, let's be very CLEAR, when we report or state certain information, making sure it's correct and accurate. :-) :-)

I do not do ANY SELLING, and I enjoy helping people create a 2nd income without leaving their homes.

I started with this company on June 16, 2011 for $1.00, (Part Time)

Since then all nine of my checks keep growing:

1st check = $504.11 (July Check)

2nd check = $917.23 (August Check)

3rd check = $1,701.47 (September Check)

4th check = $2,456.78 (October Check)

5th check = $2,812.44 (November Check)

6th check = $3,247.12 (December Check)

7th check = $3,474.24 (January) Check)

8th check = $3, 581.48 (February Check)

9th check = $3, 7.93.40 (March Check)

I will be getting a $400 car allowance in November 2012!

Questions or concerns, please call me @ my office 708.343.8799 or via my cell 708.299.9199

Have a delightful day!

Adriana - posted on 04/02/2012




I did Avon, Melaueca, Ameriplan, Cruise Experts, too much work and too much money. This is a wonderful opportunity for persistent sales pros looking for a career change or a second job. There are NO start up costs or MONTHLY fees, EVER!!!!!!! We have an ongoing stream of requests to keep you happy with great daily paychecks into your paypal account or bank account. Everything you need to make $1k /week will be provided to you during training.

Adriana - posted on 04/02/2012




OMG!!!!!!!I did Melaleuca for a year made it to Director 4, but people do not have the same work ethic as I or you do, they give up, they dont put their orders in. I had to police people to order by the 15th of each month so they can get their rewards and then toward the end of the month I was bting my nails because the back up orders were going to generate. You do not get $25 per person you get about $7 plush the product introduction if they order the same day. AN average 35 point order came out to almost $100 with shipping and handling and tax. You wait a month to get paid and then they charge you for the MORE report, countless hours of webcasts and calls, too much work for so little return. Do the same thing, and have no monthly orders. The only way Mela makes money is to FORCE people to order so they "can work and make money". Frank is like a guru, he has everyone in a trance. Yes the products are good but they have to MAKE you order each month so you can get paid REALLY????????????

I sign up a lot of Mela people and they are amazed at how much they worked for so little:

This is a wonderful opportunity for persistent sales pros looking for a career change or a second job. We have an ongoing stream of incoming calls to keep you happy with great daily paychecks. Everything you need to make $1k /week will be provided to you during training.

Rose - posted on 03/29/2012




Hi Amanda. I have been in this company 4 months and i can tell you it is not a Scam. It is the only internet homepage that pays its pre-launch members just for using it as their homepage. IT is Free, no investing a cent, no selling. Just sign up before April 9 and get a minimum of 3 people to join you for free. Then use it as your homepage after launch. You will get a monthly paycheck for life, according to the number of people that joined after you. Can it get better? You have a little bit over a week to try it out and it is for Free, no strings attached! join here: or send me your questions to

Beatrice - posted on 03/05/2012




We Show People How to Make an Income Working Part Time or Full Time WHEN they want to! Doesn’t that sound great?! It is! Our team works together to help people just like you earn an income while working from home around your families and lives. We are an online/phone community of women who desire to get more out of life with the flexibility to have more time for our families. We offer a professional, corporate-like home-based opportunity to earn part time to full time income. Through our online training system and support you can't help but to achieve your goals.

Contact me now for more information.

Go to my website:

Amanda - posted on 03/04/2012




Vault Denim Jeans is truly "Going Places!" With growth over 5000%, we are less than 2 years old and on our way to being the strongest direct sales company ever! This is the real deal...don't look back and wonder "what if"...YOU know about Vault Denim because you are reading this post right now, ask me more about joining this amazing company or share this opportunity with someone that you know could benefit from it. Vault now offers Womens, Plus Size, Maternity, Mens, Girls, Boys, Toddlers, and Infants....what more could you want!!!! Please contact me if you are interested in joining or even just hosting a party!! (message me here or email - check the Video out for more Information about Vault Denim.

Danielle - posted on 02/29/2012




Amanda if you want to work from home or basically a business you will have some type of a start up fee. I paid a small fee for what I do and I am very glad I did. Our company has been around for 20 yrs and still going strong.

If your interested visit

Ashley - posted on 05/02/2011




Hello fellow mommy's out there.. My name is Ashley and I am a stay at home mom of a 7month old son named Jake. Last month I started a home based business because I was realizing that we needed more money, we just didn't have enough. So I was approached by this amazing couple asking me if I have ever thought of a home business. I had said no, but I went to a meeting about the company and learned more information about it and realized that this is what I should do. I have only been working for this company for a month, and I have already made $200. This is a true no scam business.. and I recommended if anyone wants to try it please don't hesitate to contact me.

Please visit my website, there you would be able to see what the company entails and may answer some of your questions.

Thank you for your time,


Michelle - posted on 04/11/2009




I’m looking for moms to join Rodan + Fields Dermatologists Independent Consultants. Rodan + Fields, creators or Proactive, are changing the face of skincare again. What the Dr’s did for acne, they are now doing for sun damage and wrinkles. This is a ground floor (6 months), direct selling business opportunity, and I’m now seeking leaders to join my Executive Team. NO inventory! Let me know if you have any questions or know anyone who is interested.

Yanika - posted on 04/03/2009




I love what I do from home!!

I decided it was important for me to stay at home and work so I can always be there for my daughter during the most important years of her childhood. I also needed to make a supportive income while ideally not having to sell, stock, take orders, do deliveries, or deal with payments. has given me everything I had hoped for, plus free training and the essential tools to a successful business. I feel so privileged to be a part of it! We are always looking for people to join our team, so if your interested in working from home for a simple yet reliable company, I would love to get you all the details about our team and business.

Feel free to contact me anytime,

Thanks, Yanika 604-791-8010

[deleted account]

I just started working from home a week ago. It's for a great company that is an online wholesale distributor of "green" products. There is a small cost to start b/c they want you to buy some of their products so you know what you're talking about when you work for them. But really it just replaces what you would normally buy at Walmart or Target or wherevery. If you're interested shoot me an email, or check out the site

Lori - posted on 03/24/2009




Hey Amanda! I just wanted to let you know I totally understand where your coming from there are definately alot of Scams out there and just want to let you know to be really careful when looking for a work from home JOB, there are very few true work at Home JOBS; Most Work at Home Opportunities are Businesses that do require some type of start up fee. You are right there are alot of Scams out there so please just be sure to do your homework!

I would like you to tell you a little bit about my company, while we do have a cost involved it is very minimal. Less than $1.66 a day! Thats less than a McCafe Coffee at McDonalds & You own your own Business & make a Great Income!! I really think that my Company could help you out in your situation!

I a Mom to 3 children, I have a 6 year old son and 2 year old twin girls and I have been making a GREAT Income at Home from the time my twins were about 4 months old! I personally have been promoted 3 times and am a Executive Sales Director with AmeriPlan. I work with the Nations Number 1 Dental & Medical Benefits Company! We have been in Business for over 16 years and are members in good Standing with the US Chamber of Commerce among many other Credentials!

The best thing about what I do is that I do everything from the comfort of my own home & I am in the Position to Help so many people! Whether it is someone who needs Affordable & Quality Healthcare or Someone who Needs to make an Income I am in the Business of Helping People! How Awesome is that!

You can find out more about my company and schedule a time to talk to me personally by visiting my website at I hope you find something that is a Great Fit for you and your Family! I know AmeriPlan has enabled me to Stay at Home and raise my 3 babies and not have to worry about Daycare or not getting to watch them Grow!

Also if you need Health Benefits you can take a moment to check out our Affordable Benefit Plans at

All my Best,

Lori Medalis

Executive Sales Director



"In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure."

For work at Home Opportunity:

For Discount Dental/Medical Benefits:

Anissa - posted on 03/21/2009




Amanda, I have the perfect opportunity for you. TRUST me, this is not a gimmick and the concept makes sense. You can come in with little or no investment. Take a look at and look at all 3 presentations. When you're done, give me a call 914.761.5416 so we can get you started. This is an incredible opportunity to get on the ground floor of a company created by Robert McNulty, who wrote the original business plan for Home Depot and started

Jodi - posted on 03/12/2009




Check out -This site is designed to help those considering a career in direct sales to learn the facts about direct selling. Thinking About Selling?

Whether you're looking for a way to earn some extra money each month, or you've already been approached with an opportunity, start here to find information you need to help you make your decision.

Also -Our webcast is now available on-demand on the EAH homepage and on your personal websites. Hope this helps:)

Nicole - posted on 03/01/2009




Hi Amanda, I have been working at home for the past three years and love what I do.  I would love to share all of the details with you if you are still looking for something to do.  This is a great opportunity that is changing my life!!  I love being able to work at home around my 3 kid's busy schedules! For more free information please email me at, check out my website at and request information on there and I will be in contact with you.  Thanks and have a blessed day! Nicole

[deleted account]

Hello Amanda,   I have tried Pampered Chef. This didn't work for me, I am a shy person and didn't find it easy to cook in front of a group of people. Also, w/ the economy the way it is I don't know if alot of people would be buying things like that. I also tried Melaleuca, I didn't stick w/ this one because I am very conscious about what I use on my family. After looking into alot of the ingredients they used in their products, I was just not satisfied. That is one big reason why I chose Watkins. Also because of the low start up costs. I have looked into many companies and they mostly start  anywhere $99-$500. I just didn't have that kind-of money to put into something that I didn't know if it would work. Anyway, so I will tell you a little about what I chose.

I am an independent associate for Watkins. Watkins was established in 1868. For 140 years they have been committed to using the finest natural ingredients in their products. Their products are free of phthalates, sulfates and parabens and other chemicals that cause asthma, cancer and other adverse effects on your health. The have natural gourmet (spices, extracts, bread and dip mixes), personal care (deo, lotion, hand soap), home remedies, supplements,  home care (cleaners, laundry detergent, dish detergent) and much more. They recently launched a line of plant based home cleaners that everyone is going crazy about. 
You can build your business 3 different ways, you can sale products (have parties or just word of mouth) or you can use the products yourself and get other people to join under you and simply do the same (use the products and sign people up) , or you can do both.
It costs $39.95 to join. You can read more about it on my website,, and I will be happy to help in any way that I can. All of the products are backed by their 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee.  This is a great company!


Jill - posted on 02/25/2009




Amanda, I would love to tell you about something I've experienced firsthand. It's very legit, a solid based company without any debt or lawsuits. They help the average person get ahead and could make a huge difference in your life. It would only take about 45 min and you would know whether it's for you or not. I want you to hear the possibilities available and judge for yourself whether it could make a difference in your life. E-mail me so we can get together:


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