Loved the entire series!!!

Gwendolyn - posted on 12/29/2008 ( 2 moms have responded )




I've read the entire series and LOVED them!! I just hope she writes another one... there is so much potential still left in the story! I feel so much better now that I see that I'm not the only grown woman who loves these books!

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Caroline - posted on 04/30/2009




My husband works out of town and does a lot of driving, so I introduced him to the Twilight saga audiobooks. He was hesitant at first, he didn't think he could listen to someone reading a book. I told him (and everyone else I suggest it to) that I felt the same way, but once you get started you'll really enjoy it. This was about a month ago. He called me last night to tell me that he was "upset" with me for getting him involved in the books....he says he gets so engrossed he can't even get out of his car, and when he does pry himself away to do his work he can't wait to get back in so he can get back to listening! He told me he understands now why I was the way I was when I was reading the books....he forgives me for "neglecting" him and my daughter during that time....LOL

Lyndsey - posted on 04/30/2009




I have never loved any book or movie the way I have TWILIGHT. I'm 26, a mum of three and I've read each book 11 times. I can't wait til Stephenie Meyer brings out Midnight Sun!!! I've read it on the internet but since there's only half of it I'm desperate for it to come out. It's that bad I even dream about it. My hubby goes mad and refuses to watch the film anymore. I need to find someone who'll come see New Moon with me. AAAHHH can't wait!!!!!!!!!!

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