5 totally weird pregnancy symptoms

Katherine - posted on 02/13/2012 ( 8 moms have responded )




Making donkey noises. Can you even imagine waking up one day and getting out of bed only to realize that you suddenly sound like a farm animal? Because it happened to an 18-year old pregnant girl in the UK named Cody Hagel, who started making donkey noises shortly after she conceived. Cody wasn't quite as shocked as most people would be at the whole donkey thing because she'd already been suffering from Tourette's syndrome since she was 14-years old. Apparently pregnancy can trigger new forms of "tics" in Tourette's sufferers, and since she lives on a farm where there are donkeys, she thinks that is why she picked up the noises. She's taking her new sounds with a grain of salt, and her light-hearted attitude on her condition is incredibly refreshing. She's wise beyond her years, that's for sure!

2. Changes to your voice. It may not be quite as quirky as sounding like a donkey, but Julia Roberts had changes to her voice while pregnant. She wound up talking, and even laughing, at a lower tone than normal. How weird is it that this "Pretty Woman" wound up sounding more like a man? Of course, a lot of men find the whole husky voice thing pretty sexy.

3. Bizarre pregnancy cravings. Have you heard about those women who crave really strange foods while they are pregnant -- like soil? Britney Spears supposedly had a hankering for dirt while she was expecting. But perhaps the oddest part of this pregnancy symptom is the fact that we aren't really all that shocked by it. C'mon -- would your jaw really drop to the floor if you saw Brit reach down and grab a handful of soil and stick it in her mouth? I didn't think so.

4. Excessive farting. Another embarrassing symptom that some of us don't want to admit having? Lots and lots of gas. Sometimes it's just impossible to suck 'em in while you're pregnant. But I guess it's better to just laugh about gas the way Jessica Simpson did instead of getting all bent out of shape about it.

5. Increased foot size. Many women find themselves needing to go out and buy new shoes while they are pregnant. In fact, some women may even go up as much as a size-and-a-half! Sometimes foot size goes back to normal, and sometimes it doesn't. But then again, do us gals ever really need a good excuse to go shoe shopping?

Are you experiencing anything unusual or that you did not expect while pregnant?

My feet grew a whole size! I have to say I never made donkey noises lol! Gas? Yep!

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I've been craving pomegranate and passion fruit. Gobs and gobs of passion fruit, and very spicy food. And my tits are the size of watermelons... thought i might add that

Brittney - posted on 03/01/2012




Wow! I'm glad I didn't have anything like that! My husband is the one who ordered a special order pizza with ketchup, mustard, pickles, onions, and mayo...not me! I stuck to the bacon pizza! and I'm pretty happy I didn't have to go into size 13 shoes...

Barb - posted on 03/01/2012




Gas is normal just embrassing when can't control no matter were you are, dental problems are also very embrassed and pretty common, memory lose to the extreme. I couldn't remember my pin for my debit card and never did. It was worse the first pregnancy I was a single mom with a lot of stress and extreme aniexty which can make the rest of pregnancy very diffcult. I couldn't remember my cell number, my address, how to get to places which normally are easy, about my passed like friendships. It's like I had amnasha couldn't remember anything even how far along I was. That was the craziest pregnancy symptom I ever had, My eyes changed my vison got worse the first time around couldn't see without my glasses at all when I could before and still can't see without them now. Nothing that weird this time around memory problems, morning sickness, dental problems, back pain very very early on, showing a lot early at 2 months is a little strange, spacing out when we go out places like grocery shopping have to go with my boyfriend or nothing gets done.

Corinne - posted on 02/15/2012




Gas, hell yeah. Although fatigue was my worst enemy. I started work at 7am and even though I could get up and out for the bus, I'd fall asleep at the stop 10mins later. Lucky for me the bus drivers would wake me up to get on the bus and again when we got to my workplace.

Tina - posted on 02/14/2012




yeah gas especially with my second which is funny because my daughter certainly can let rip she did it in the doctors clinic after being examined. The look on the doctors face was hilarious. Well that works he said.

My feet did swell but I couldn't reach them to put shoes on anyway I had to wear slip ons or get my partner to help me lol

I couldn't eat cheese with either one got really sick if I did found that one out the hard way and my son hates cheese I drank alot of milk and craved potato pies with my first wedges with the second and custard tarts from subway just the look and smell now make me want to puke now though

Never made donkey noises but snored alot

Amy - posted on 02/13/2012




My shoe size went up half a size which may not be a big deal but it's not easy finding cute shoes in a size 10!! Definitely had gas, my husband complained about my snoring-my doctor told him to leave me alone because everything swells while your pregnant including your air ways.

As far as cravings went with my first I had to have lemon with my water all the time! With my second I ate baby carrots all the time and that craving never went away.

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