Would you keep your child rear facing in the car until the age of 2?

yes 27% (6 votes)

no 64% (14 votes)

not sure 9% (2 votes)

22 Total Votes

Do you really believe that a 1 or 2 year old know its not okay to hit other kids?

YES!!! If your kid hits, you make sure they know its not okay!!! 31% (37 votes)

Somewhat agree, they know its no okay but still test the limits. 49% (58 votes)

Somewhat disagree, they are infants they do what they want. 4% (5 votes)

Disagree, they are only 1 or 2 they dont know right from wrong. 10% (12 votes)

Yes, My child knows its not okay to hit so he/she doesnt! 6% (7 votes)

119 Total Votes

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