Would you rather go without the internet or a car for a month?

Katherine - posted on 05/26/2012 ( 16 moms have responded )




Go without the internet!!!!!! I need my car!


Firebird - posted on 05/26/2012




I've never had a car, so I guess that answers this question lol

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Jurnee - posted on 06/16/2012




Internet! I need my car to go get to work, and I have computer with internet there. When my pc broke some yrs ago, I did all my internet stuff at work.

[deleted account]

I've gone without both. I got married a year ago and once I moved in with my husband we didn't have internet until about a month ago, then in January or February my husbands car stopped working so we sold it. I had our son in March and since then I've been without a car on a daily basis. I'm able to walk to most places in our city though, the grocery store is a little less than a mile away so if I need just a couple things I can walk there.

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I would take internet over the car ANY DAY!! I somewhat broke the car......In order to put the car in reverse it needs to be in drive, drive is in 2 and park is above the p.......it will take to long to get fixed so that I can drive it. It is still drivable hubby drives it (just deals with it). Thank God we live down the street from the grocery stores and hubby's job :)

Pamela - posted on 06/05/2012




I've been without a car for almost 3 years now on an island with lousy mass transit service. At age 67 (in 3 weeks) I have my plastic folder with hitchhiking signs and though I dislike it, I do get around.

However, my telephone runs off of the internet and that is the way I keep in touch with my family, who all live on the mainland. I would say, I can deal without the car.....having no internet would cut me off from my family totally!

Bethany - posted on 06/01/2012




the internet i think as confirmed by a single word from hubby, i'm way to lazy to walk to work n hubby works to far to catch busses... would be free for all when we got it back tho lol

Jennifer - posted on 05/29/2012




I would much rather go without internet. I live far in the country, and the closest even gas station (that has a few necessities on the shelves) is a 5 mile ride on a hilly dirt/gravel road, so not really biking friendly. The nearest town with an actual grocery store and library is about a 20 minute drive. Of course there is no type of taxi service even close, so no way to get anywhere without my car!

Stifler's - posted on 05/28/2012




Internet. We'd have no nappies in the house or food if I had no car. And I'd never go anywhere.

Brittney - posted on 05/27/2012




Either, I really don't care. I only have to use the car to take my husband back and forth to work, plus he can walk. Internet is a luxury. We didn't have internet for over a year and I was without a car for many years before I got my first car. We don't have cable either.

Corinne - posted on 05/27/2012




Easy peasy. I don't drive! Though I think I'd take a month of no internet for a month of not having to do the grocery shop on foot - hate,hate,hate it.

Denikka - posted on 05/27/2012




We only JUST got our first ever car, and it's not currently registered, insured, or drivable :P So definitely go without a car.
Although, I recently spent 10 months without a car OR internet :P kinda sucked. There was a LOT of TV watching.
But definitely easier to go without a car than internet for me :P

Liz - posted on 05/26/2012




Have gone without a car since 2009, when I emigrated to the USA. Internet gone for a couple of days would have me twitchy...

Amy - posted on 05/26/2012




OMG I guess I could ride my bike to work lol, someone would have to bring us groceries but I think I would die without the internet. Katherine you could really stay away for COM for a WHOLE month????

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