Healthy recipes for a one year old

Crystal - posted on 01/29/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




hi guys, my one year old son, has just started to explore hes taste buds alot more and was wondering on any tasty recipes i could give a go thanks

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Halie - posted on 02/24/2010




I agree with Bethany! That also helps make sure you are cooking healthy for yourself as well.

Bethany - posted on 02/22/2010




What are you looking for? What has he eaten so far? One of the coolest things I've found with my kids was just take a small bit of dinner and either chop it up or grind it up (depending on what he is able to eat so far). Then you just have him eat what you eat. Here in the US we seem to think that we must BUY everything especially for our babies, or for this specific thing or that. Sometimes that is the case, but many times you just use what you already have.

Does that make sense? He has to eat your cooking some day, he might as well get used to it now. =^)) ha ha.

Best of luck,


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