How & When did you find out?

Marcella - posted on 07/11/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




i was wondering how everyone found out there precious little ones were's my story...
my son is 6 and hadn't been feeling good but still wanted to drive 400 miles to see grandma and grandpa on vacation so we did he wouldn't eat and couldn't keep anything down didn't wanna play and seemed thinner then normal.So i called the doctor and took him in on March 27,2009 he walked in held a conversation with the doctor was talking to everybody then the doctor came in told me he had type 1 diabetes she said his BG number should be about 180 his was almost 1300 and he'd lost 10 pounds in almost 2 weeks they were surprised he wasn't in a coma or worse and that he actually walk into the doctors office on his stop emergency room he was still laughing with the staff then they started fluids that's when his body kinda shut down and he then went into a coma for 2 days that was the scariest time for me not being able to help him.when he came out it was like nothing ever happened he was joking with the nurses and he had a better grasp on the situation then his father and I he gave himself the breakfast shot and every time since then we left the next morning.he was hospitalized on a Friday and he went home Monday morning.when we got back home from our so called vacation the doctors said if i had waited till the Monday march 30 appointment he had he would have surely died that was hard to hear.After checking all his organs and doing more blood work surprisingly nothing was effected they told me there was nothing i could have done to prevent this and nothing i did aided it comforting to me as a mom to know i didn't do anything to make this happen to him.he is now a very healthy boy nothing can stop him and he is now on a insulin pump he was like a celebrity when he got back to school.His teacher had him do a show and tell with his pump so everyone could understand that he is the same kid and they can't catch this from him. it was like he never left he was back to his old self again but had a little pager size pump in his pocket the kids would fight over who got to walk with him to the nurse. it was awesome his life finally got back to normal well as normal as it could get i forgot to mention the day he was hospitalized i had just had his baby sister who was then 10 days old who i only found out 3 months prior we were having and i also had a 3 year old so they got to spend time with grandma and grandpa while we spent time in ICU.i was just happy to have my baby boy back even though he isn't a baby he is my only boy and can't be replaced.My year has been a whirlwind year it has made me grow in so many ways as a person and a mother.It's also made his father and me eat healthier and lose weight together and exercise too.well that's our story can't wait to hear yours....


Emma - posted on 07/22/2009




my daughter megan was diagnosed on the 1st may 2008. and this is our story.

megan had been drinking large amounts of water (as she had given up juice for lent) so we took her to the doctors only to be told it was probably the weather (this was march time) so we went home and just kept an eye on her, a few weeks later we took her back to the doctors again to be told again that it was nothing to worry about. then she went down hill in the last week of april she would walk to school spend the day there and then she was so worn out by home time i would have to get her 18 mth old sister out of the pram so she could get in and be pushed home, she would eat her tea and then take herself to bed at 4 30 pm, enough was enough we went to the childrens doctor at our surgery he took 1 look at megan and sent us straight to the hospital, where after 25 mins they had diagnosed her as type 1 diabetic. when they came in and gave us the news she fell to the floor and couldnt get back up, she was scooped up onto the bed and put on a drip and insulin to try and get her bloods down. we were later told that if we had left her for another week or 2 she would not be here. she was in hospital for 8 days. she has done really well since she was diagnosed doing her own injections and blood test. on monday this week she went onto the insulin pump and she is really enjoying it.

we have 3 other children and at times we worry that the same may happen to them, we spent along time blaming ourselves but in time you come to terms with the fact that there is actually nothing that you could ave done to prevent it.

we have learnt so much over that past 14 mths but still have alot to learn.

our children are totally amazing with all that they have to do. well done to you all. xxx

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