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Tania - posted on 03/25/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




I have been type 1 for 16 years. I have 2 sons. Ben is 13 born in '96. At the time I was 21 and had been diabetic for 2 and a half years. He was born at 34 weeks and had low blood sugar issues but he was only in the NICU for 6 days and today is happy and healthy.
I never thought I would have more children until I met my husband in 2007 right befor I had a kidney transplant.
The transplant was a success and 1 year post transplant we were given the ok to try and have a baby.
I found out I was pregnant last March and I was due on Dec 7th 2009. John Wyatt was born on Oct. 2, 10 weeks early.
During my pregnancy I was always looking for other women like myself and I find myself still looking now.

I feel like we would share a very unique expierience. If you are a woman like me or know anyone who is I would love to be able to discuss some of the issues you had and still mybe having now.

Thank you

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Claire - posted on 12/20/2011




Hi Tania!

I've been T1 for 38 years!! I have a son who is the same age as Ben. Christian was born 9/96. I'm currently insulin pumping. I wouldn't have it any other way. Just looking to meet other diabetic mom's out there;) Have a great day!

Ginger - posted on 05/03/2010




i am a type 1 diabetic with a 14 and a 12and 1/2 year old. ive been diabetic for 24 years now. first son was early c-section and in NICU. second one was planned c-section and healthy. if you have any questions just let me know!

Laura - posted on 04/06/2010





I have Type 1 diabetes and am 23 years old had diabetes since I was 8 years old, had a baby last May (Riley Ethan) at 32 weeks gestation had very low blood sugar and was in NICU for 3 weeks, had a really rough time when I was pregnant and ended up having an emergency C Section due to a placenta rupture.

How was your diabetes whilst pregnant? How is it now?


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