Mom's with Peripartum cardiomyopathy

Mom's who developed Peri/PostPartum Cardiomyopathy with pregnancy this is a way to get support and encouragment.



Hi Everyone, I just wanted to welcome all of you to this support system for those with or those who know someone with Peri/Post-Partum Cardiomyaopathy. My name is Trisha and I...


My heart news

Hi Everyone, Well I just had an echo done last Friday after being off meds for 6 months and it seems my EF rate (rate my heart pumps at) has dropped from 60% to 52%. I have been...


Living with PPCM

After having two beautiful girls, we finally had a handsome baby boy on October 11th, 2013. He had to be delivered by c-section because he was breeched. The OBGYN doctor was...



Hi Everyone. It is hard to try to find people who can share their experiences, so I am so glad to of been able to join this group. I feel pretty depressed at times when I think...


Did PPCM affect my baby

With my second pregnancy I developed PPCM. From gestation of 18 weeks I was on medicine. Since the birth of my now 4 year old daughter, I have noticed she has a barrel chest and...



Hey ladies! My name is Mandy and I have one son, Trent, who will be two in about 11 days. I am a two year survivor of PPCM. I was diagnosed peripartum and as a result my son was...


Support System

Hi ladies, Here is a great website that I have been a member of since I was diagnosed in May of 2007. This has many women going throught he same thing as us...



Hey everyone, PPCM is no fun we all know that!!!! But sometimes when you are in the hospital or dealing with it funny things happen. I would love for all of us to get a good...



Hi, I would love for you to post a pic of you and your family or a pic of someone you knew with this disease.