4 wheeler or ATV for 5 y/o??

Ricki - posted on 10/21/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




Hey everyone, I need some help. I'm considering getting my 5 y/o (well, 5 in Jan.) daughter and ATV or 4wheeler for Christmas. In the area we live, the streets are unsafe for a bicycle (busy and full of lead footed teens) and our property (1&1/4 acres) is bumpy, grassy, and has some small rocks in the driveway. We have a paved driveway up to the garage but a bike would be extremely limited to about 10 feet. Most of the Powerwheels have plastic wheels, which will not drive on our grass. She's had a couple of tricycles that have gotten stuck as soon as she gets off the cement.
So...here's my question: which is a good brand, size, type, etc. etc....I'm really lost on all the 50cc, 100cc, 2 stroke 4 stroke whatchamacallits....Does anybody have one for their kids that could offer some advice?? I know 2 things for sure: it has to have real tires and pass my safety inspection.
Thanks a lot.


Nicole - posted on 10/22/2009




Ihave a 4 and 7 year old. My 7 year old is a boy and for christmas when he was 4 we bought him a fourwheeler. a honda 90. We live on alot of property and none of our roads have any cement. they are all dirt roads that police are not allowed to give tickets on. we also trailor up all of our fourwheelers/dirt bikes and go riding often as well as camping, etc.... We also bought him a helmet , goggles, gloves and chest protector. To get him started we put it in 2nd gear because he was too short to use his foot to shift nd after riding for alittlw bit his thumb would hurt from holding the as button but they have to get used to it LOL now he does it all on his own and I have to yell at him to slow his butt down. he is required to wash it down everytime he rides and dry it.

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just to let u know, my husband comes takes us out to indy for a family fun day for lunch, and he drives up to a dealer to purchase, pick up the atv. my 5 and 9 year old exstactic!!! me not so much. daughter is lovin it. wants to go faster than she should but really does well. 5 year old i haven't yet let him on alone yet. this is a smaller one , i think a 110 not sure. I did purchase all the chest vests and helmets, and and even have them wear thier bike gear as elbow pads and such. and now honey and i are going to pick up the big ones for us since my daughter can begin riding the big one as well. they are fun for our weekend getaways. we purchased an off brand to famiarize first. then the big ones we are getting better brand.

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Carol - posted on 10/22/2009




Check your state laws before you purchase anything. Our state implemented a law about 2 years ago banning any ATV for kids under 10 unless it was on an approved track. Those tracks are more dangerous than my yard since I only have 2 kids to worry about hitting each other. We wound up selling our ATV's and sleds for my 4 and 7 year old (now 6 and 9 and still griping about it). Our 6 year old has excellent balance and was on the 4-wheeler at 2yo. We had the governor turned down really low and could do a fast walk along side him until we were all comfortable with his abilities. I'd say that's the most important working part - make sure you can regulate how fast she can go. We've had Yamaha, Honda, and Arctic Cats and they all work fine. The parts were easy to come by too - a must.

Please go over the safety points - obviously you say you're going to, but stress that the bike can be replaced, she can't. My son lost all priveleges for the season when he went into our street. He said that the fence I put up around the garden made him not make a turn - he only had about 30 feet to turn instead of a couple hundred. My point is, any change in your yard should be walked through and pointed out before she rides. I had nightmares for many months afterwards with the "what-if's?"

Good luck

Also, my kids ride their bicycles on the grass all the time. They learned on a bike trail at a local park. It has no cars and lots of straight dirt roads.

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we got our son a dirtbike for his fifth birthday and my husband did all the reasearch, but from what I remember, it seemed pretty easy, we got him a childrens size [obviously] but it can be set for what ever speed limit the parent chooses [I like that feature!] there are alot of cheap chinese knock off that are no good out there, if you have a local atv repair shop or somthing along those lines they should be able to tell you what is good. You dont have to buy from them, we bought ours on ebay, it was a pick up only item of course. Make sure that you dont skimp on the safety gear though, we went and bought new, you never know on ebay you could get a used helmet that has been in a wreck and you cant even tell. I am very strict with the bike, he knows that there will be no second chances, if he is caught on it without his safety gear the bike gets sold.

Juanita - posted on 10/21/2009




Thats tricky depends on how much the child weighs & length of the child, and experience, and How many seats on it Rm 4 mom or dad ? Is either parent experienced and 4 how long experienced .................. talk 2 a local Forest Ranger 4 best advice Honestly ....

Best of Luck, Safety 1st Helmets! ~ Juanita R. Georgia

P.S. Ricki Ur Beautiful hun, lucky man you've got!

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