4 yr old in trouble EVERYDAY at school

Crystal - posted on 02/23/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




Ahh its so annoying but my son is ALWAYS getting told of at school, it started in Kindy where he would push people to get a toy, we sorted that out quickly but then it turned into clowing around in class, he wont/can't sit still on the mat apparently he starts trying to lift it and bang it on the ground during matt time!! Now he is in pre-primary he has gotten worse, he acts like a clown and always pretends to fall over in class to the point where he gets a big X near his name, he will grab at his friends during story time!! I have tried the reward chart but its not working!! he is minus stickers LOL.

We have taken away his DVD player he has no cartoons or computer games and he just does not care!!

PLEASE HELP!! any suggestions would be appreciated

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I have one with the SAME problems but I let it go too far before seeking help.  Have you reviewed the symptoms of ADHD?  Astrid is right about foods.  That would be the first thing I recommend checking into.  But I would also go see a counselor or two to get a "professional" opinion. (maybe even your pediatrician would direct you)  I found one who doesn't go to meds as first course of treatment and tries to not do meds.  However, for now, mine is taking meds on school days.  The counselor gives us exercises to work on.  We see a major difference in his behavior AND academics.  All the trouble really did a number on his self esteem and he just wasn't able to control himself.  We work on self esteem with the counselor a lot.   We still see outbursts but he is doing better.  It broke my heart to put him on meds but we are approaching this as a team effort.  The school, a counselor, a doctor and family all are rooting for him and helping him.  I would venture to say your little one does care what is happening but, right now, is not able to control it the way you think he should.  Our counselor had to remind us that since he isn't able to sit as long that shorter time outs would probably suffice.  But that we had to be consistent.  I have had to reduce my hours outside of the home so that I am home and that has helped too.

Astrid - posted on 02/24/2009




it would be worth looking if he has a food intollerant. www.fedup.com.au

You will be surprised what it can do with a child.

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