5 year old hyperactive child

Anita - posted on 08/09/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




my son will be six in september and has just finished his reception year at school. When he was two we took him to the doc as he wasnt talking. by 2 1/2 he was having speech therapy and has continued to so so since then on a regular basis, he had trouble focusing on what was wanted of him threw tantrums would bite and scratch and just be really naughty, he never palyed with toys wouldnt and still does not use a knife and fork and wont settle tosleep until 11-12pm. March 2012 i finally saw the paediatrican again and filled in loads of paperwork told her how he behaves( he kept rocking and hitting his head on chair throughout the visit) it is all very well saying he needs to sleep earlier but what do i do? he goes to bed at 7 doesnt have access to any toys or games but i spend the whole night up and down. i have my won health problems which make me feel unwell and tired but he is so full on that when i finally get to bed i cant sleep and watch the hours go by beginning to dread the start of a new day. my family wont let him visit so he misses out aslast time he saw his cousin of 5 he punched him in the face! meanwhile i am still waiting for the result of the test in march and keep wandering how much longer? i am at my wits end my husband is no help at all he bolts from the house in the morning and does not return until 8 or 9 pm even though he isnt working ( works 2 days week after losing job last march) my doc wont do anything and i feel lonely and unhappy


Laura - posted on 08/09/2012




I would find a different doctor. Your child may have something further going on he may have ausbergers. (but by no means am I a dr)

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