Moms With School Age Kids

Moms with kids who are to old to be called toddlers. School and homework help questions? Maybe you just want to chat about your school age kids.

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Mean Girls

My daughter is 9 years old and just called me in tears! She says everyone hates her in her class and that she doesn't fit in. She thinks she is a nerd and not one of the...


Sleepless NIghts

My daughter who is going on 4 years old is still not sleeping through the night, I have been giving her Melatonin for awhile now and it helps but she still don't sleep all...


Parents in Denial

This is destroying our relationship and ultimately hurting the child. I met my man nearly a year and a half ago, my daughter (who I'll refer to as Rina) was then nearly 5 and...


body functons of a young boy

could some one give me some info on what age a boys pennis is ment to start being stiff? my son is 6 and his pennis was up not semmi but up, he says it happens some times and he...


Educational Apps and Software

I am a parent trying to help my child eat healthier, improve focus in school, and try new things. Do you know any apps or software that can help accomplish any of those? Thanks!


My 7 year old and his wiggly tooth.

I wonder if there are any tips on what my son should do with his wiggly tooth. The last bottom two teeth came out a little crooked. Should I let him play with it with his tongue...


My 13 hates her dad

She always locks herself in her room whenever he comes in when I try to get her to come out she will just Screem at me that she hates him and she won't come out till he's gone...


Help! My babysitter quit!

Hi ! Can anyone recommend a babysitter? I need a babysitter for my boys (ages 7 and 9) about 6 hours during the week (usually Mon, Tues, and Thurs 9:15am - 11:15 am ). We hired...

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snail mail pen pal

I have a 7 year old son. I would like for him to work on his writing. He likes video games (pikmin, pokemon and Mario) He likes Teenage Mutant ninja turtle, reading and playing...


Is this just puberty?

My DD will be 10 next week. She has zero physical signs of puberty (no budding, etc). She is very skinny. Last month, she told me she was leaking pee and was really worried...


Are Older Kids Easier?

Why do you think parents have lots of questions about babies and toddlers and prechoolers, but the forums for older kids aren't so busy? Do you think school aged kids are easier?


make up

hello so my 8 year old anna has started to ask if she can wear make up , and i am lost at what to tell her , her 3 older sisters did not start wearing make up little lone ask to...


concerned mother

n searching the internet about a problem with my son, who is 7 yrs old, trying to learn more about this, trying to decide if I should post a question about my son for input from...


What about friends...?

My family recently relocated t a different region this summer, thus, my son's summer was cut short and was very dull. We kept telling him he would be sure to meet new friends...


Son Is Having Accidents Again

My son is six and has started pooping and peeing his pants again. My husband and I were talking to him tonight trying to figure out what is going on. He says he is afraid to...


Birthday at The Park

Sorry for long post I'm going to try to give my almost 6 (where has the time gone) daughter a birthday at the local park around 10 am to 12ish....the theme will be Hello...


My 9-Year-Old Is Being Bullied

My daughter cries almost every night and when I check on her she says nothing is wrong. Then last night she told me she is being bullied by the girls at school only because she...


Advocare For ADHD

Hi, my name is Virginia and my 7 year old was diagnosed with ADHD last year. I have not medicated him based on what other people have told me and what I have read about the side...



My names SANDRA ABLE, I am here to give my testimony about a doctor who help me in my life. I was infected with HIV virus in the 2010,i went to many hospitals, churches for cure...


Bedtime for a 9 year old

I would like to know the average bed time moms are putting their 9 year olds to bed. I have a 5 and 9 year old who share a room so I put them both to bed around 8:30. I would...


6 year old birthday party ideas

My son is turning 6 in May and I like to have the party planned by March..I have already did a skating party (he hated it), it's too cold for a pool party, so I really have not...


9 year old girl birthday party ideas

My daughter turns 9 soon and we're having 5-6 friends over. We don't really have a theme, and that's ok. But I need an idea for something to do such as a craft or party favor....