activities to do with my son during this cold weather as his school is still closed due to the snow

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Minna - posted on 01/20/2013




Make Snow Cream-5 cups of snow 1 cup milk-1/2 cup sugar-1/2 teaspoon vanilla . We always take a trip to hike and see frozen waterfalls and such Get snowed in., make cookies, bread. Feed birds. Get ready to participate in the Great Backyard Bird Count-[ Feb 15th -19] ,Google it., it's fun and valuable for science], Plan garden-start perennials Although there are no major meteor showers until April- winter is a great time to learn about astronomy- the skies are so clear. Track animals-don't know if you're in the city or country-but download pics of tracks and poop. explore-you will be surprised at all the different animals in your neighborhood.
Great time for pajama days ,jigsaw puzzles, Monopoly tournaments, reading out loud to each other [Hunger Games, Hobbit. Harry Potter],.
Microwave popcorn-hot chocolate ,when they're done sledding. Lego cities in the living room and bad t.v. marathons, Snuggle and nap.
Been desperate enough to go to a hotel with an indoor pool in Feb. to let my boys run off steam for 2 days in Feb Minna

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