Any suggestions for bedwetting 6 yr old?

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My daughter is 6- still wets the bed. We have limited liquid intake after 4 pm. We try not to fuss too much- She wears Good Nite pants...we tried going back to nothing, but the bed wetting started up again even with getting her up several times a night- which we still do and she still is wet in the middle of the night.


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Hi Maureen,

I am in the same boat, I have a 9 year old that still occasionally wets the bed, I took him to a specialist last year and he asked him a lot of questions with regards to when he goes to the bathroom during the day and when he drinks and how often, it was determined that his fluid intake was on the high in the afternoon and so by the time he went to bed his body kept producing urine, more so than normal and that is why he usually wetted the bed, so we slowly changed his drinking habits, he drinks a lot in the mornings before lunch, and than tapers off by mid afternoon, 3-4 pm, and than only has a half a glass with supper, also, if the child has apple or yogurt before bed that will also produce extra urine, if my son wants snack before bed he can only have crackers or dry cereal, any kinds of fruit or yogurts, puddings will produce fluids.  We are getting there, he can go for a while before he pees the bed but because he was a constant bed wetter for years his bladder has developed a thick wall and so that will take time to rectify. The doctor said that once the bladder wall returns to normal his sensitivity will return and he will no longer pee the bed because he will feel it coming.

I hope this helps you a bit, i know how frustrating this is, I have 5 year old twin girls and they had never had an issue they can drink a whole water bottle right before bed and wake up dry. Just hang in there, it does get better.

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Jasmine - posted on 10/11/2013




1. 10% Of kids stop wetting the bed at age 5 my daughters are 10 and 7
my 7 year old stopped she uses the washroom before bed and doesn't drink any
water after 5 PM.
Try giving her a room near a washroom in case she's worried of walking to far in the dark.
2. If that doesn't work encourage her to use the washroom at night if you stopped using Good Nites just put on a water proof sheet under her normal sheet so it doesn't
soak into her mattress if she stops try limiting them for 5 more days if it starts back put an extra Good Nite under her pillow. If she want's to go to camp or sleep overs make sure she has extras and make sure she can try to hold it over night.

3. If most fails put a bedwetting alarm on her and have a word with your doctor but don't try to embarrass her. She should get used to the routine and it's something natural that she will eventually grow out of.

4. Never punish her for it and make sure you stick up for her an no-one teses her

5. Stay in her room for a about 5 minutes during the night and make sure she can calm down and has emptied her bladder

6. In the morning make sure she has a shower or something to clean her off to remove any odor that could have happened and if you keep her off Good Nites for a while wash her sheet on a 5 week basis.

Angela - posted on 03/29/2010




My son just stopped wetting the bed at 9 years of age. There was some problems during the potty training phase and he just refused. We tried all sorts of things and finally just gave up and let him make the decision when it was time. The reduction of stress from us and the thought that he was in control took some time to sink in but when it did, he decided that it was time. He worked up a plan and we helped him stay to it. This helped him to stay dry at night. He has been dry for almost a year now. No accidents but if it did happen, we told him that it isn't the end of the world. It's hard but one parent said to me, this time is short and he isn't going to go to college wearing pullups at night.

Debbie - posted on 03/23/2009




I actually wet the bed occasionally when I was younger. My problem was that I was such a deep sleeper. (I once rolled off the top bunk of my bed and woke up on the floor in the morning with a bruise. Falling off of the bed hadn't even woke me up.) So, I didn't actually realize I had to go to the bathroom since I wouldn't wake up enough. And then I'd just dream like I was actually going to the bathroom ... except, I'd still be in bed.

With my 7 year old, when she around aroud 4/5, I had to stop all of her fluid intake after 7pm. And I had to make her go to the bathroom before she went to bed. If I forgot to tell her to go potty right before she went to her bed for the night, there was a good chance that her bed would be wet in the morning.

My daughter's bedtime when I stopped her at 7pm was around 8:30 - 9pm, so it gave about 2 hours for it to go through her body.

Eliana - posted on 03/23/2009




Hi Maureen,

My son wet the bed until he was 8. We tried limiting drinks, getting him up in the middle of the night, rewards, you name it. He could not control it. We were adamant we did not want to put him on medication, we were supportive and tried not to make him feel bad. His doctor advised that his bladder needed to mature and because he was a very deep sleeper he was missing the signs. It was frustrating but we kept at it and it just stopped on its own. A year later and we have had no problems, he does not wet the bed at all. He just grew out of it. If you have done all the medical checks and it comes back ok. All you can do is be patient, it work itself out. Hope that makes you feel better

[deleted account]

This may sound silly but sometimes they just grow out of it. My eight yr old went through the same thing and now nothing... no bed wetting at all. I just wanted to say you are doing a great job and No fuss is the biggest. It can be made worse by fussing the it may become psychological. Good Luck and keep being a super mom like it sounds you are.

Kristen - posted on 03/22/2009




I have a 4yr old who had lots of bladder infections as a baby and as a result had bilater uretal reimplantation (they unhooked her ureters from her bladder and reimplanted them at a better angle). We have the opposite problem. She can hold urine for up to 20 hours and has a capacity three times that of an adult. On the other had I have an 8 yr old who has PDDU and still wears goodnights. Nocturnal enuresis (bed wetting) I'm told by our doctor is pretty common and normal at 6 even at 7 and 8. I just started they eight year old on some medicine that is suppose to make the urine stay in her bladder until morning. I don't really recommend meds the only reason we did it is she wets completely down to the mattress pad everynight even with a pullup and pad so I thought it was worth a try. There are other meds that make the body urinate a lot during the day so the bladder is mostly empty at night. I have seen a bedwetting alarm which is really load and goes off the moment it senses moisture. I think you should evaluate how big of an issue this is for your family. Does it bother you more than it bothers her? Is it really worth waking yourself and her up several times a night? (I value my sleep greatly). I think if I were you I would limit the intake of food and liquid like you've been doing and as long as your doctor says she is healthy and nothing is wrong maybe back off for a while and just use the goodnights. Maybe your daughter is stressing out about it if she can tell it is bothering you. Maybe if you take a break and use the goodnights and don't make a big deal out of it she will come around and get the hang of it. I hope this helps and you have to make the right decision for your family this is just some thoughts that worked for us.

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Thanks for the suggestions, Vladi. My daughter had a UGI test to make sure there were no internal of our other daughters has a double ureter (tube from kidney to bladder) on one side, but she did not...The drinking and evening snack suggestions are worth the try..thanks for the advice! my youngest is 3- no problems with bedwetting

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