Any tips to get my son excited about preschool?

Kimberly - posted on 02/29/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




My son will be starting VPK in August. I know that is still a few months away, but he is not interested at all. Maybe it's because he has never been to daycare or anything like that. I am a stay at home mom. Any thoughts? I want to make this as easy as it can be for him.

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Gabrielle - posted on 03/30/2012




Also, does he like Arthur, does he watch the cartoon on t.v.? Pointing out how much fun the characters in the books and cartoons are having in school might help. You could also point out the many things that are in the classroom and maybe how they are coloring, writing, reading, or playing and that he will be able to do that too." Look at what they learned to do in school! Do you want me to show you how to write some of those letters? We can make words with those letters"... etc. . . The Magic School Bus is awesome too. I loved watching those cartoons with my kids!

Anne - posted on 03/02/2012




My son hated daycare/preschool until this year (Pre-K). He has a very best friend in school and that made the world of difference. He now can't wait to get to school in the morning and I am not allowed to pick him up until late.

Until last year, he would just complain and cry.

Will your son know any of the kids that will be in his class next year? For us, it just made all the difference!

Kaitlin - posted on 02/29/2012




Have your brought him by his future classroom? Most programs will let you sit in for a day so you, the parent, can see what goes on, and your kiddo can play and interact. If you've already done this on your own, see if they'll let you swing by with him

Also fun, go to walmart and let him pick out a backpack and lunchbox and an outfit around July/August, get him all excited, and anything else they 'need' to take with them. Let him pack his lunch with you the night before.

Talk about it a lot.

Do you watch Sesame street at all? We sometimes watch it and they talk about school and stuff like that.

I bet you he'll like it so much, he won't even say goodbye- kinda have a feeling we're headed in that direction with our son. Punk kids! ;)

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