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Darci - posted on 06/11/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




I have two children. They are 15 mos. apart. My little girl decides she is mom, and my son listens to her. It had gotten to the point where he would tell my little girl that he was hungry or ask her if he could have a drink. They are 6 & 8. I have gotten that under control, but she is so bossy! Even when they are playing together, she is basically playing with herself through him. She will play school and be the teacher. She will ask the class something, then say quietly to my son to say the answer she wants him to say, then he will say it. I don't get it. Any suggestions?


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I was a bossy big sister. I told me sister what to do. She didn't talk until she was 2 1/2 because I talked for her. I even took pictures of her jumping on my bed so that I woudn't get in trouble for it! Now she's an independent college graduate who we can't get to stop talking... but I think she still jumps on the bed.

I agree with Mandi... as long as they are playing nice and there is not crying or fighting they need to work it out for themselves. One way to teach your daughter to be less bossy is to praise her for the positive things she's doing and stick to any punishment you tell her she receive for bossy behavior.

Best of luck!

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Lisa - posted on 06/11/2009




I agree with Mandi and Rachel. I remember my cousin being bossy when we were growing up and now she teaches high school science LOL As long as your children are getting along make the most of it. A time will come when your daughter will decide boys are yucky and won't want to play with her little brother, at least when she has company. There are 3 years between my eldest, a girl and a boy like you. They still get along most of the time, but they need their space sometimes too. My daughter is always the one in control of the games still too LOL She's 15 :P

Mandi - posted on 06/11/2009




It's good that they play school and she teaches him what she knows. The stronger their relationship with each other, the better. Start worrying when there is crying or fighting involved. Try to switch it around every once in a while. Let the younger one have a turn at pulling the reigns while the older one gives it a rest. You're mom so you know when too much boss is enough. My advice to is, if you think it's getting out of hand sit the older one down and let them understand that is enough. Be the boss!

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