Feel like school is pushing medication

Faith - posted on 04/11/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son is a loving 13yr old. He was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome when he was about 7yrs old, been on meds since age 5 (even tho daycare wanted us to at age 3!).
My son was off his med all summer. He grew great! On his Intunive he's falling asleep all the time, missing school instruction & family time at home. I called his dr. last week only to wait until last night to get a return call. My son, on his own (w/our support) has decided not to take the med, at bedtime currently, if no school. He's fine at home w/o. He has not taken any med since last Thursday night (today is Thurs, april 11th 2013). I get an email from his sped ed teacher today: "I noticed that Scott seems really hyper this morning and asked him if he took his med. He said “no” and that it was ok with you – just checking in so you can confirm/deny."
I updated her. Her reply: "He fell asleep in math yesterday, according to the EA. However, there are 3 comments this week (3 days) about being “hyper” and about making noises/sound effects in class – in case you want to pass that along to the Dr."
Told her I wasn't aware of any of that, hadn't heard a thing all week. Her last reply: "The EA told me that the teacher woke him up and he was ok after that – it was not noted on his log. I think a new sheet would be good. There’s gotta be a happy medium between falling asleep and disrupting class, hopefully, the Dr. can find it."
I told her that I'm getting new teach eval forms to be filled out next week, and we'll go from there.


Holly - posted on 04/12/2013




i HATE medicating children, many times it make the "problem" go away and make NEW ones arise! My oldest daughter has ADD (with out hyperativity), and i refuse to medicate her, we just try to get around it with other things, we play brain games, and make sure to communicate with the teachers. The teacher's at my daughter's school support me with my decision not to medicate, but i do make my decision and feelings about medication known to teachers. I also do not give her much sugar, other than natural sugars in the fruit i give her. I do not have sodas at the house, I do not have juice or koolaid, I do not have cereal. for breakfast I make eggs and whole grain toast, lunch i make a turkey sandwhich, low fat yogurt, and an apple and a bottle of water, dinner is meat and veggies of some sort with a glass of milk. they have water all day long. but i think that cutting out all sweets may help his hyperactivity, but then again, i don't know the severity of your situation at all, i just assume, because i know it helped me. I am hoping that this helped.

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